How to make a towel rabbit

towel rabbit

Carnival Towel Rabbit

Every night cruise ship passengers around the world return to their cabins to find a towel animal sitting on their bed.  Stateroom Stewards fold these animals with ease, while passengers puzzle over how it’s done.

towel folding book

new Carnival towel animal folding book

Carnival has a new edition of their towel animal folding book, available for sale to passengers on their ships.  The book includes photos of numerous animals with line drawing pictures of the how to steps of folding each one.

towel animal folding directions

Carnival Towel Book Rabbit Instructions

Many animals, including my own invention – the crab, use the same basic body, placed in ever changing positions for different animals or even variations of the same animal.  Our rabbit for instance started out lying down, but on the second folding for the video became a sitting rabbit instead.

For the main body this rabbit and many other animals use, start with a bath towel.  Roll each end into the center.  Astika said the secret is to start the roll with just a very small bit folded over.

roll ends of towel to middle

roll both ends of towel to center

Fold the rolled towel in half crosswise with the rolls to the outside of the fold.

fold rolled towel in half

fold towel in half, rolls to outside

Pull the corners of the towel out of the center of each roll.

pull towel corners out of each roll

pull the tips out of each roll

Grab the pulled corners of both ends of one roll in one hand, and the pulled corners of both ends of the other roll in the other hand.  Pull them tight and stretch into animal body with four legs.

pull rolls into legs

pull ends of rolls tightly into body with 4 legs

Position the body the way you want it for the animal, whether sitting or lying down.

Make the head.  For the rabbit head, use a hand towel.  Either hook the center of one long edge over a wall hook, or hold it to your chest with your chin, leaving both hands free.

making towel rabbit head

rolling towel corners toward end held under chin

Roll both sides from edge to center at the same time until they touch in the center and it resembles a long triangle.

With the rolled part to the outside, fold in half and push the tip end between the two rolled sides.

folding towel rabbit

fold in half, bringing tip between the two rolls

While holding tightly to the two rolled ends with one hand, curl the tip end around itself and tuck it in between the rolls.

how to fold towel rabbit

roll tip end around itself

Pull head tight, position on body and decorate as desired using colored paper to make eyes and nose.

Carnival towel rabbit

finished towel rabbit

This is the second in a series of individual towel animal folding blogs, which started with the easy towel seal.  Other easy animals include the penguin and the crocodile. You can also check How to Fold Cruise Ship Towel Animals for more towel animal folding instructions. Up now: Towel Frog,  towel gorilla, hanging towel monkey, pigsnakes, elephant, my very own towel crab, the really easy to make towel cake and many more including my favorite, the fire-breathing dragon.

The easiest way to find other towel animal folding instructions is go to the towel animal page and click the picture of the animal you want to make.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss any future animals you can easily find this blog again by liking My Cruise Stories facebook page or following this blog.

Carnival towel frog

towel frog winning at poker

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4 Responses to How to make a towel rabbit

  1. Reggie says:

    Wow! I have never seen these towel-figures before – they are amazing!

    (P.S. Thank you for liking my blog – that’s how I found your blog. I shall pop in again!)

  2. Deborah - d.mooncrab says:

    That is so cool!

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