Zip Line in Belize

Belize shore excursion on Carnival Cruise

Chris on the zipline in Belize

After getting out of the water and dropping off the tubes from our excellent cave tubing adventure with, we headed straight for the zipline.  At the fork in the trail where one way went to the ziplines and the other back to the bus, the guide said if we really needed anything off the bus we could get it quickly before heading down to the zipline.  They said NCL built the zipline, but apparently they let other people use it.

I had worn fast-drying shorts over my swimsuit and hiking shoes for the cave tubing so I just wanted my tank top, which I could have lived without.  Liza though had no proper shoes as she’d hiked to the tubes in flip-flops and then rode through the caves in snorkel socks (with the flip-flops tied to her tube in a plastic bag.)  Neither would work for the zip line and she didn’t travel very fast so I more or less ran to the bus and back and grabbed the bag we’d left on the driver’s seat for easy access.  I got my tank top, she got her shoes and a tank top.  The zip line ended and started at the same point so leaving the bag there would not have been a problem, but our cave-tubing guides offered to bring it back to the bus, an even better option.  They claimed Belizians are afraid of heights, and said we’d have Mexican guides on the zipline.

Belize shore excursion, Caribbean cruise

Liza on the zipline

Zipline guides outfitted everyone with helmets, thick leather gloves, and harnesses.  All the zip lines have double cables with a separate pulley on each plus an extra clip.  It would be pretty hard for all of that to fail at the same time.  They also keep everyone clipped to a cable wrapping around a tree at each landing area.   Of all the clips each person has on, they are never all undone at once.  If anyone somehow managed to find a way to fall off the platform, there would still be a clip holding them to at least one cable.

zipline in Belize

Liza on the platform waiting for her turn

We hiked the first set of stairs to the first zipline.  A short easy zip, great practice for inexperienced zip liners.  We went with the same people as our cave-tubing group, mostly adults and one little girl.  She had no fear and a great time.  Some of the adults seemed a bit more nervous, but they quickly got over it and had a great time too.

This course had 7 ziplines.  The landing platform on some also served as the take-off platform for the next run.  Others had a bit of a hike in between them.  A much needed water cooler awaited at the top of one long steep hike.


me on the zipline

This course offered a variety of ziplines, some longer, some steeper.  The guides had only two commands for people to watch for while on the line, brake and stop braking.  Still there’s always that one person who doesn’t pay attention and then can’t stop in time and hits the well-padded tree.  That’s why it’s a well-padded tree.  Said person had a bit of a sore shoulder after hitting the tree, but still finished the course just fine.   She just asked for a bit of ice to put on it afterword.

When we arrived back at the starting point, the guides helped us out of the harnesses and we hurried back to the bus.  The group that had done just the cave tubing had already boarded, so once we all got on it quickly left.  Just down the road the bus stopped at a thatched hut where the ATV tours originate.  Inside they provided a free lunch, a homemade tamale for everyone.  Drinks, chips and sodas cost extra.

Belize shore excursions

Lunch Stop

On the bus, Speedo said we’d know the tamale had real chicken because of the bones.  At the time I thought he was joking, but the chicken inside the tamales did indeed have bones.  They offered a variety of hot sauce choices, but it tasted fine without any of them.

Following our tasty lunch, we all boarded the bus for the trip back to the terminal in plenty of time to catch the tender to the Carnival Liberty.  On the way they collected payment for the tour and tips.  We had a great time on our tour with  I’m quite comfortable recommending them.

Normally if the schedule says a cruise ship leaves at 5:00 and you arrive at the dock at 5:05 you will just get there in time to watch the stern of the ship as it sails away.  In fact this ship left 3 people behind at Cozumel, who then had to find transportation to the next port at their own expense.  However they do make one exception.  If you take a shore excursion purchased through the cruise line, the ship will wait.

In Belize departure time came and went.  About an hour past the scheduled time for the last tender, one finally arrived with around 200 people on board.  I’d imagine they felt quite lucky to have booked their tour through the ship.

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