Towel Origami – How to Fold a Towel Frog

towel animals

Towel Frogs at the Towel Hut on Carnival Liberty

Most of the time, cruise ship passengers find towel animals in their room when they return in the evening.  On the Carnival Liberty, we also found some frogs at the towel hut on the Lido deck.

The frog uses the standard body, same as the rabbit and many other towel animals.

Start with a bath towel.  Roll each side to the middle from the short ends.  Start the roll by folding just a small amount of towel over.

Once both rolled sides reach the middle, fold towel in half with the rolled part on the outside.  The rolls each end up folded in half when this gets done.

how to fold towel animals

fold the rolled towel in half

Pull the tips of the corners out of each roll.  Take the tips of both corners of one roll in one hand and both corners of the other roll in the other hand.  Pull corners tight like you are playing tug-o-war with yourself until the towel resembles a body with four legs.

towel origami

pull the corners of the rolled ends to make legs

For the frog, pull the legs tight enough to leave a good gap between the two rolls.  Set body aside until you make a head.

how to make a towel frog

fold hand towel in half to start frog head

Use a hand towel to make the frog head.  Start by folding it in half crosswise and then folding it in half again.  Set it so the open edges of the towel are on top and toward you.

folding a towel frog

fold towel in half again

Take the top corner on one side and fold it to the center so that side makes a triangle.  Repeat with the other top corner.

towel animal folding

fold corners into triangles

Fold the bottom corner up over the triangle so one side of the towel becomes a double layer of half sized triangles.  Repeat with the other bottom corner.

towel frog folding

fold first triangle into double triangle

Fold both sides down at the center as you fold the towel in half with each double layered triangle as one of the halves.

folding frog head

fold down the middle with one double triangle on each side

Shape the loose ends into frog lips.

folding towel frog

shape loose ends into frog lips

Place the head in the center of the body between the two sets of folded legs.

how to make a cruise ship towel frog

place the head in the center of the body

Fold the legs toward the center while sitting the frog up.

how to fold a towel frog

pulling frog up to sitting position

Position the arms and legs of sitting frog as desired and add colored bits of cloth or paper for eyes.  If desired further adorn your frog with a tongue or other embellishments.

how to fold a cruise ship towel frog / towel art

the key to folding heads is a towel in the right proportions

Ta-da, a finished towel frog.

making towel animals

finished towel frog

I didn’t quite get all the photos I wanted on board, so obviously I had to make a few fill-ins at home.  I discovered why I had issues with the heads in my original towel folding blog, How to Fold Cruise Ship Towel Animals.  My hand towels aren’t the right shape to fold into triangles and have the folds line up with the edge of the towel when folded from the center.  This time I tried a smaller sized bath towel for the frog head and it worked quite well.  There’s an important lesson in that, it only works if you have the right size towels.

The frog is third in a series of individual towel animals which so far includes a seal and a rabbit.  There’s also my own invention, the crab, or how about a towel cake or snake?  Now there’s an elephant, a gorilla a hanging towel monkey and more.  If you want to be sure not to miss any upcoming animals, it is easy to make sure you can find this blog again.  You can like it on facebook, follow it on twitter or networked blogs, or sign up for an email subscription.

how to make cruise ship towel animals

towel gorilla

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8 Responses to Towel Origami – How to Fold a Towel Frog

  1. Malou says:

    Wow, this is very creative! I’m always so impressed by these kind of towel folds.

  2. Ashley Cooley says:

    I saw these on a cruise ship once and was really impressed!

  3. Cari Beaque says:

    Nice! These are so cute! Thanks for the post

  4. Aww I love towel animals ❤ hehe. Thanks for sharing because I always was wondering how they are made

  5. Rebecca Lindquist says:

    Nice blog! I love the layout of your site.

  6. Ty Hofseth says:

    Hi! Great post! Great site! Very creative!

  7. crystal haye says:

    I am Inspired by you I know all your folds and would love to be like you

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