How to Make Towel Animals – Folding a Towel Pig

Cruise Ship Towel Animals

Towel Pig on Carnival Liberty


One bath towel, one hand towel, one washcloth, two eyes (paper, felt, googly eyes, whatever works for you.)  Any other desired embellishments such as felt or paper nostrils.


Making the towel pig body

How to make a towel pig

roll each end to the center

Starting with the bath towel, make the standard towel animal body.  Lay the towel out flat, and from the short sides roll each end to the middle.  Start each roll with just a small amount of towel folded over.  Make the rolls tight reasonably tight, but not so tight you won’t be able to pull the ends out of them later.

how to fold cruise ship towel animals

Fold towel in half with the rolled part on the outside

Fold the rolled towel in half, with the rolled part on the outside.

how to make a towel pig

pull the tips out of the ends of the rolls

Pull the tips out of the end of each roll.

making a towel pig

take the tips from the two rolls from the same side of the towel in one hand, and the two from the other roll in the other hand

How to make towel animals

pull on the tips of all four rolls at the same time until the rolls stretch into legs and the towel becomes an animal body

Hold the tips you just pulled out of the ends of the rolls with the two tips from one roll in one hand and the two tips from the other roll in the other hand.  Pull all four at once until the rolls pull into legs and the towel becomes a body.

standard towel animal body

all four rolls stretched into legs to make a body

making towel animals

towel animal body turned over

Place the body into a sitting position.

Towel Animal folding instructions

place towel body into a sitting position

How to fold the towel pig’s tail

how to make a washcloth pig tail

fold washcloth in half like a sloppy triangle

Use the washcloth to make the towel pig’s tail.  Start by folding the washcloth in half like a very sloppy triangle in which the end points totally missed each other.

how to fold a washcloth pig tail

roll the washcloth, starting from the long straight end

Roll from the straight end so the points end up on the outside of the roll.

How to fold a towel pig

tuck one end of tail under body and position as desired

Tuck one end of the tail under the body and position as desired.

How to fold the towel pig head

How to fold a towel pig

fold a hand towel in half to start the pig head

Now comes the hard part for this towel animal, making a towel pig head.  Use the hand towel for this step.   First fold the towel in half crosswise (not too hard yet…)

How to fold cruise ship towel animals

fold down the corners of the folded side to make a pointy end

Next fold down the corners of the folded end so that end has a pointy tip.

making a towel pig head

fold the pointed end under

Tuck a fair portion of the pointy tip down under the towel.

folding pig head from a hand towel

roll both sides to the center

Now it starts getting a bit harder.  Roll in both sides to the middle.

folding a towel pig

pig snout before sculpting

Pick the towel up and turn it to see the other side.  The pointy tip previously folded under will sort of resemble a pig snout at this point.  Sculpt it a bit rounder with your hands until it actually looks like a pig snout.

how to make a towel pig

snout after sculpting

how to fold towel animals

move each of the rolled ends off to the side a bit

Now the really hard part.  The back of the head has two rolls.  Bring the top of each one over a bit toward the side of the head it is on, as those bits will become ears.

How to fold cruise ship towel animals

fold the middle of the rolled part from between the ears down to the snout

Then fold both layers down to the snout at the middle.  Sculpt the snout and ears as desired and place the head on the body.

how to fold a towel pig

place the head onto the body

Decorate as desired.

towel pig

finished towel pig

To add more stability to the head if you want the pig to be easily transportable a safety pin or tape could be added to the back, or a pipe cleaner wrapped around it under the fold.  Of course the tail isn’t attached either.

Click link for a list of blogs with instructions on how to fold a variety of other towel animals.

Next up in this series on how to fold towel animals is: Towel Elephant

towel elephant on Carnival Liberty

towel elephant

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9 Responses to How to Make Towel Animals – Folding a Towel Pig

  1. sayvan says:

    Makes me want to get back on a ship….

  2. I bet Hannah would love to find a towel animal on her bed. You should come and make her one (that’s not creepy, she’s my Mom…)

  3. Muse n Write says:

    lol! This is a great blog, funny yet creative! Thanks for sharing it with us. I was wondering, if you like to read ebooks that have a spark of celebration of life, then may be you could check out my blog. I am an indie author and a traveller, and my latest ebook : 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life has been published in Amazon. It is of the genre : fiction with a touch of adventure and inspiration- a collection of 12 short stories. I posted the synopsis of the ebook in my blog. The amazon link for the ebook is mentioned in my blog. Thanks 🙂

  4. Oster's Mom says:

    This one is great! My dad is coming in town this weekend and I plan to have this little pig greet him in our spare room. Thanks for this detailed post.

  5. Alex Khoo says:

    Very interesting tutorial! Nice! Thanks for sharing!

  6. mercadeo says:

    You can use decorative folding in your home, too. Some do it for fun while others do so because they want to add something beautiful to their bathroom décor. You are sure to impress guests with towel folding. You can create everything from a swan to an elephant. Flowers, cats , and even lobsters can add a whimsical touch to spaces.

  7. Reggie says:

    That piggy is CUTE! The eyes and ears and snout really make it come alive.

  8. Helen says:

    love this design and have used the plan but made it into a boxer dog. Just adjusted the nose and ears.

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