How To Fold a Towel Penguin

penguin made by Norwegian Pearl stateroom steward

Towel Penguin from Norwegian Pearl

Easy Towel Animals

How to Make a Towel Penguin

On a recent cruise on the Norwegian Pearl, our cabin steward Rosario made the towel penguin pictured above for us one day.  I had not seen a towel penguin before, but thought that with the right colors and a few embellishments it could really come to life.  This is a very easy animal to make and one of the cutest so it’s a good starter animal for inexperienced towel animal folders.

Supplies Needed to Fold a Towel Penguin

1. Black bath towel

2. Black washcloth

3. White washcloth

4. Decorations desired – I used google eyes and pipe cleaner feet

Towel Penguin folding Video


If you’re a Lilla Rose fan, watch for the Princess Tiara Dangle flexi clip in the video

How To Fold a Towel Penguin Head

how to make a washcloth animal head

lay the black washcloth out flat

making a washcloth penguin head

fold washcloth in half diagonally

now it resembles a paper hat

fold over the long edge of the washcloth

soon it will look like a penguin

keep folding the long side over itself until the pointy end is the length you want the penguin’s beak

almost there

fold washcloth in half with the long folds on the outside

now there's a head, we need a body to go with it

fold long ends all the way together and set head aside

How To Fold an Easy Towel Penguin Body

making a towel penguin body

Lay the bath towel out flat

how to fold a towel penguin

fold towel in half crosswise

towel art

fold towel in half crosswise again

instructions for folding a towel penguin

fold corner down from not quite the center so that the fold comes near the edge, but not all the way to it

towel animal folding instructions

fold over the other corner

How To Assemble the Towel Penguin

Can you see the penguin in these towels now?

Place the head between the folds on the body so that the long parts are within the body and only the round head bit sticks above it. You can stand the penguin up at this point and decorate it if you want a one-color penguin.

making towel animals better

For optional white belly, lay the white washcloth out flat

a few more folds and it will look like a penguin

fold down a couple inches or so of one edge of the white washcloth

almost there

fold the corners of both sides over on the folded end of the washcloth enough to make it fit on the black body without white hanging over

making a  towel penguin

Lay the white washcloth onto the black penguin body with the folded edge at the top. Adjust the folds so it sits from the bottom edge of the corner folds of the black towels to an inch or so under the rounded part and beak.

almost a towel penguin

tuck under the sides of the white washcloth so the angles more or less match the side angles of the black towel

the art of towel animal folding

fold both sides of the black towel to the center, making sure it is tight just below the head and stand the penguin up

a towel penguin emerges

After standing the penguin up, adjust the head, wings and belly as desired until it looks like a penguin

Decorating the Towel Penguin

pipe cleaners may also be called chenille

penguin feet made by folding a pipe cleaner into three sections

Happy Feet here I come!

Place the feet under the penguin and add eyes and the towel penguin almost comes to life

For instructions on how to fold a whole bunch of other towel animals click here or here or visit the towel animal page.

Coming up next in towel animal folding:  Towel Pigeon

pigeon towel animal

towel pigeon

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10 Responses to How To Fold a Towel Penguin

  1. Oh it is cute with your embellishments. Finally, one simple enough that I think I could possibly try it. Imagine how impressed friends would be if they stayed over here and I did their towels like that. They’d think I was quite the hero 🙂

  2. If I was the Mr. Blackwell of towel penguins, yours strikes me as much more creative than Rosario’s. I’d put it on the 10 best folded towel animals list.

  3. megtraveling says:

    That is just adorable!

  4. Chris Beath says:

    I think the towel penguin is the best towel animal yet. If you have to use all white towels like on the ship though I think hanging monkey still wins though.

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