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Interview with John Heald – Quick Fire Questions

While on the Vista transatlantic cruise we had the opportunity to interview Carnival spokesperson John Heald, who was also on that cruise. John has been with Carnival for many years, initially as a bar tender and for quite some time … Continue reading

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Interview with John Heald – Rescue at Sea

Helicopter Rescue at Sea Cruise ships have two types of sea rescues that could happen during the course of a cruise. The least common and most unlikely is rescue of people from another vessel in distress. If a ship comes … Continue reading

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Interview with John Heald – Gratuities

Cruising in America normally means gratuities will be added to your onboard account, unless you pre-paid them. This money goes to the hard-working crew who spend 10 hours daily for months in a row often with no days off making … Continue reading

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Cruising Through the Panama Canal

Celebrity Infinity fit through the Panama Canal, but only just, being pretty much a Panamax ship, or as big as a ship can be and still fit through the canal’s original locks. In June of 2016 the canal expansion finally … Continue reading

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Cruising through Endicott Arm

How many cruises to Tracy Arm do you have to book before actually cruising through Tracy Arm? I don’t know the answer to that, but for me so far it is 0 for 2. Years ago I took a cruise … Continue reading

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Splendor Behind the Fun Tour

On the last sea day, Carnival offered a Behind The Fun tour on the Splendor. This tour (which you can book like a shore excursion) takes a few lucky guests into areas normally reserved for crew only. We started our … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Cruising

Although we’ve always enjoyed the company of the friends we’ve met at the table on set time dining, when cruising with my husband we usually opt for the anytime, your time, freedom, or whatever a particular cruise line calls their … Continue reading

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Packing For a Cruise

As far as travel goes, about the only thing worse than packing for a trip is unpacking when you get home. Both are necessary though because it’s pretty hard to travel without bringing anything. What to bring varies from person … Continue reading

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How to Win a Ship on a Stick

Love them or hate them, the prize for many of the games on Carnival’s ships consists of a plastic ship trophy with the ship’s name on the base, commonly called a ship on a stick. The people who covet these … Continue reading

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Carnival Live Concert Series – Heart in Cozumel

Carnival has a fairly new addition to their onboard entertainment – the Carnival Live Concert Series. Not every ship or every cruise has a concert, but every now and then several ships will get a band. The band stays at … Continue reading

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