Towel Art – How to Make a Towel Gorilla

how to fold cruise ship towel animals

towel gorilla

Cruise passengers everywhere enjoy their nightly towel animal.  Many wish to unfold the mystery of how to fold these delightful creations.  With the help of a very cooperative Carnival stateroom steward, we discovered the secret on our last cruise.

To make a towel gorilla, start with the standard towel animal body, same as the rabbit or frog.  Lay out a large bath towel and roll both ends in to the center.  Start each end by folding over just a little bit and don’t roll too tightly.

standard towel animal body

roll each half to the middle

Fold rolled towel in half, rolls to the outside.  Pull the tips out of the end of each roll.  Holding both tips of the same roll in one hand, and the other roll in the other hand, pull rolls tightly into two sets of two legs on animal body.

how to fold a towel gorilla

fold rolled towel in half, rolled part to the outside

how to make cruise ship towel animals

pull the tips out of the end of each towel roll

folding cruise ship towel animals

take both ends of the same roll in the same hand

the art of towel animal folding

finished body

For the head, use a small bath towel or large hand towel.  Fold 1/3 of towel crosswise.

making towel gorilla head

fold up 1/3 of the towel

Fold the part you’ve just folded over the remaining third.

towel animal folding

fold the folded part over again

Fold first one corner down onto itself in a triangle, and then the other so the whole thing becomes one big triangle.

towel origami, towel art

fold corner down like a triangle

how to make a towel gorilla

fold other corner down, making large triangle

Fold the long side at the bottom up as if making a paper hat.  It sort of resembles a sailboat at this point if you have a good imagination.

making towel gorilla head

fold back long side of triangle

Fold the whole thing in half down the middle, with all previous folds on the outside.

towel animal folding

fold triangle in half

Push a nose out the center of what were the two triangles, and shape as desired.

making a towel gorilla

pushe nose out from center of folded triangle, shape into head

Place head between the two sets of legs and pull body into sitting position while bringing legs toward each other as well as toward you, same as with the frog.

towel animal folding

put the head into the center of the body

how to fold towel animals

fold legs toward center while pulling gorilla up to sitting possition

Position gorilla legs as desired and decorate with sunglasses.

how to make a towel gorilla

green gorilla head made from hand towel, pink from small bath towel

Gorilla Head with Open Mouth

If you would like your gorilla to have an open mouth you just need to watch the position of the earlier folds in the head towel as you put in the later ones.

how to fold a towel gorilla head with open mouth

before folding the triangle parts make sure the loose end is underneath the towel on the side where the point will be

After the initial three folds, set the towel down with the part that has an open edge underneath and the part where both ends have folds on top. Make the folds for the triangle from the side with the open edge so that the open edge is at the point of the triangle and coming down the edges where the triangles meet.

how to make a towel gorilla head with open mouth

fold over the towel across the long edge

Fold the long edge over the top of the towel.

towel gorilla head

fold both sides together with everything that was on top staying on the outside

Fold the towel in half keeping the top part as the outside. Hold the neck bits that hand down with one hand to keep the head together while pulling down the lower edge that did not have a fold at the start to make the gorilla’s mouth open.

how to fold a towel gorilla head with open mouth

set the head on the body tucking it between the arms and decorate

Tuck the head between the arms of the body to keep it together and decorate as desired. I put googly eyes and a tongue on this one.

The gorilla is the fourth of a series on folding individual towel animals.  For more towel animal instructions, check out the seal, rabbit, frog, pigcrab, or snake. It may not be an animal, but for more towel folding ideas, how about the easier to fold and sometimes useful towel cake? To see all the towel folding instructions visit My Cruise Stories Towel Animal Page.

towel gorilla with chocolate covered strawberries

towel gorilla decorated with eyes instead of sunglasss

For lots of towel animal photos, visit my facebook albums, Fun With Towel Animals or Towel Animals Tour Carnival Liberty.

Next up in this series, the ever-popular hanging towel monkey.

Carnival Cruise's hanging towel monkey

Hanging Towel Monkey

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  1. zannyro says:

    awwwwww.someone with my sense of humor!!

  2. sayvan says:

    Every night that little creature is what we looked forward to when we arrive back in our stateroom at the end of a great cruise day!

  3. Chris Beath says:

    I was starting to wonder if the hanging monkey would be included until I got to the end of the blog. I know they didn’t do it on Carnival but it’s still one of the coolest towel animals. They are still hard to fold. I might be able to make a towel snake.

  4. how to study says:

    I enjoyed your intriguing blog. first class contribution. I hope you produce more. I will carry on reading

  5. alisonamazed says:

    Amazing! I’ve never seen anything like that before.

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