Folding Carnival Cruise’s Easy Towel Seal

Carnival Cruise towel animal

towel seal

Ever since I posted How to Fold Cruise Ship Towel Animals, it has got more hits than any other blog I’ve ever written.  Every day, every week I find that one at the top of the list of blog hits.  So I know I am not the only one who likes towel animals.  Looks like lots of people would like to make their own.  When I took my last Carnival Cruise, I had a plan.  Bring lots of cash to bribe, I mean tip, the cabin boy (whom I found out is actually called a Stateroom Steward) to make towel animals while we are in the room so we can take photos and videos for blogs.

We had a great steward, who some days would not even take the tip.  I wanted to pay him though because I knew he had lots of other rooms to clean and he went above and beyond the call of duty to come back to our room and re-fold the animal every day for my blog photos.  I also learned from this that flashes from a still camera disrupt the video footage, but we did not watch any of them until we got home.  Sorry for the jumpy bits, but it still shows how to fold the animal.

He’s really fast so you might have to watch it a few times to get everything, even on this easy seal.

Folding Carnival's towel seal

fold towel crosswise

First fold the towel in half, crosswise.

folding Carnival's easy towel seal

fold crosswise again

Fold the towel crosswise again.  Flip it over so the open end is towards you, on the top, as in the picture below where he folds the corners over and the open bit ends up on the long bottom side of the triangle.

folding a towel seal

fold corners down into two triangles with the centers turned up a bit

Fold the corners down to the center like two triangles.  Turn up the inside edges of your two triangles just a little bit.  Fold the the two triangles together with the turned up bits sticking out just a little.

folding Carnival's towel seal

stand seal up and shape upper body and head

Stand towel up with smallest point at the top and the longer points of the triangles sticking out to either side like seal flippers.  Bend top part back and shape into upraised seal chest and head.  Add eyes to finish the seal.

Carnival's towel seal

finished seal

Towel Rabbit

even the towel animals have fun on Carnival

This is the first blog in a series on how to fold individual towel animals. The second is the rabbit.  Also up now: frog, gorilla, monkey, pigcrab, snakes, elephant, cake and more.  Watch for new animals over the coming months.  Future animals will include a better towel seal, cat, dog, elephant, stingray, and more.  If you don’t want to miss the rest, there’s plenty of ways to make sure you find this blog again.  You can follow it on twitter or networked blogs, “like” My Cruise Stories facebook page, or get an email subscription and have new posts delivered right to your inbox.

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  1. Frank says:

    The animals are so cool
    How much was the book

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