Unique Staterooms on Carnival Breeze

Breeze in Grand Cayman

Carnival Breeze

All the big cruise ships have a variety of stateroom categories. The basic divisions include suites, veranda, ocean view and interior cabins. Each category has their starting level price for particular rooms and then differing levels within each category where the rooms get more expensive as they are deemed better for one reason or another. Suite prices go up as the rooms get bigger and bigger. Other staterooms vary more in price within their base category due to location on the ship than size. Rooms on the lowest passenger decks and farthest from the middle usually cost the least, with prices increasing as you get higher in the ship and closer to the center of each deck.

Accessible Stateroom

Accessible Interior Cabin 7342. Notice the extra-wide door and low mailbox placement

Carnival Breeze has plenty of ordinary staterooms, but it also has its share of odd and unusual cabins. To see the usual array of rooms click here. For the out-of-the ordinary cabins, keep reading.


cruise ship deck plan

Deck 2 – note larger cabins at the stern same color as those around them

Checking out the deck plans before booking your cruise can help you not only to find that one special cabin, but also to make sure you choose one in a location you prefer whether that means a quiet area or close to the action.

odd shaped cabin

L-shaped aft Deluxe Ocean View Cabin 2485 is bigger than other cabins in the same category

Here and there you find special rooms, some in a category of their own like the spa cabins, which cost more than regular cabins of their type because of the perks that come with them. Others just happen to be the odd room at the end of the row or along a curve of the ship that has more space, a bigger balcony, or some other feature that sets it apart from all the other rooms that cost the same.

its the perks

Special Spa Products come with Spa Cabins

Spa cabins differ from others partly in their location near the spa, but mostly because of the amenities and perks that come with them.  Guests in spa cabins have slippers, spa products, and special robes and towels provided for them.  They get unlimited use of the thermal suite and both priority on spa appointments and exclusive deals on spa treatments.

a uniqe room

Accessible Ocean Suite 7270

Grand suites are bigger than the other suites. Other categories include ocean and junior suites.  Breeze has just one accessible ocean suite so it’s a very unique room.

big veranda

balcony of aft premium vista balcony room 7458

In the back corners of the ship a few wrap-around balcony cabins delight the lucky occupant with extra large verandas and views in more than one direction. While these rooms have a category of their own and cost extra, the ones right next door at the end of the long side of the hallway have a different configuration of the room giving them extra large balconies with the same stateroom classification as the ordinary balcony room on their other side.

odd shaped rooms

Junior Suite 9206, bow corner deck 9

Another room type with a category of their own for just a couple rooms is the junior suites at the corners of the bow of deck 9.

special cruise ship cabins

accessible inside room with window 7208, bow deck 7

Decks 6, 7, 9, and 10 have a row of rooms across the bow that book as inside rooms though they each have a window. While at the top of the price levels for interior rooms, they cost less than ocean view and yet are practically balcony cabins with access at either end of the hallway to a door to the outside deck in front of these rooms. These are public decks, but seldom used so there aren’t hordes of people outside the window. Usually none at all except when the ship leaves port or has something else of particular interest to see. The railing on the bow area obscures the view from the lower half of the window, but the upper half has a panoramic view. These rooms are no bigger than other inside cabins.

cabin with portholes

Porthole Stateroom 1219

Portholes make another way to get a view at inside cabin prices. Again not the cheapest of interior rooms, but a bargain compared to ocean view. These cabins have two fully-functional portholes with covers the steward may close in excessively stormy weather. It’s not the sweeping view you get through a full-sized window, but enough to let light in the room and to have a peek at what’s outside – which can be spray from the waves at times.

porthole view

ledge in front of the portholes with 2 weeks of towel animals

The biggest bonus in these rooms is the size as they are about as big as ocean view rooms.  The biggest drawback is that in rough waters you can both feel and hear the ship pounding through the waves.  Sometimes it sounds and feels like bouncing over drifting logs. I’ve had porthole rooms twice and would still book them again in spite of a couple rough nights on the last one. Some ships have a lot of porthole rooms, but on the Breeze they are in short supply. One more added bonus, the ledge in front of the porthole adds an extra space to put things.

cove balcony

Cove Balcony from cabin 2285

Breeze has cove balcony cabins on deck 2. These close to the water balconies have a metal framework around them and a storm proof door that seals the room off from the balcony in rough weather. The view is through a large opening in the metal rather than fully open across the outside like verandas on higher level rooms.

bigger and easier to use

bathroom from wheelchair accessible room

Wheelchair accessible rooms are scattered about the ship and can be found somewhere in each of the major room types. These tend to be at the bigger end of room size for their category. They have wider doors than other rooms and lower placement of things like the mailbox and clothesline. Bigger bathrooms containing big showers with flat entries, handrails, and a fold down shower seat make for easier use by the intended occupants.

traveling with family

deluxe ocean view cabin 1393 sleeps 5

If traveling with a family or other group of people it’s nice to know the Breeze has a few 5-person rooms.  These deluxe ocean view cabins have two drop-down bunks and a couch that converts to a bed as well as the usual two beds that can be apart or together.  Having five people in a room could be a problem with just one bathroom, but these cabins have two.

great for extra people

extra bathroom in the deluxe ocean view cabins

One bathroom has a toilet, sink, and shower while the other contains a small bathtub and a sink. All the deluxe ocean view cabins have the extra bathroom regardless of the amount of people they hold. While this feature is an awesome addition when traveling with extra people, for rooms that hold just two most people would probably rather have left the spare bathroom out and had more floor space and a lower price as regular (not deluxe) ocean view cabins on the Breeze are rare.

a door makes two cabins one

connecting cabins 7382 and 7384

Connecting rooms make another helpful room configuration for families.  Some staterooms have connecting doors to the cabin next door.  Each side has a door which remains locked when separate parties stay in each room, and can be unlocked when parties traveling together want direct access from one room to the other.

good for singles

interior upper lower room 2203 has a couch that converts to a bed instead of a bunk

Solo cruisers or passengers on a tight budget might like the interior upper/lower rooms since these are the lowest priced cabins on the ship. Most have one bed and a drop-down bunk, but there are some at the bow of deck 2 with one bed and a couch that converts to a bed instead.

portable crib on cruise ship

ships have portable cribs for the youngest cruisers

Sometimes it isn’t a special room you need so much as a special accessory. When traveling with infants or toddlers it’s nice to know that cruise ships have portable cribs.

bigger stateroom

ocean view cabin 2493 is one of the odd shaped rooms at the stern corner

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  1. Sean Metcalf says:

    Do you have any more pictures of Breeze room 2493. I have booked it for a cruise May 2017.

    • No, sorry I just have the one. Breeze is a nice ship and cabins on the lower decks are great. They are close to the gangway in ports and at busy times like when a show ends and everyone else is going up the stairs you go down and escape the crowd.

  2. Ivy Peck says:

    This was lovely to read

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