Cruise Ship Cabins on the MSC Divina

MSC cruise line's only ship cruising full time in the Caribbean

MSC Divina

Like all cruise ships, the MSC Divina has a range of staterooms for passengers to choose from.  Prices vary from the lowest category inside cabins to the highest category of Yacht Club suites.  Also like most ships not all cabins within the same category are created equally, so it pays to know what you will get for your money before you book if booking into a specific cabin rather than a category guarantee.  Sizes of the cabins vary within a given category and here and there some rooms have oversized balconies so it really helps to check out the deck plans before choosing your cruise ship cabin.  Bring the family and save money sailing with MSC where kids under 18 can sail for free or at a reduced fare.  Or take a longer vacation and get a 10% discount when booking two back to back cruises of 7 to 11 nights each.

Disabled accissible rooms on the Divina have the most space

Disabled Accessible Deluxe Yacht Club Suite

Disabled accessible cabins are the top of the size range for any given category, allowing for wider doorways and more maneuvering space for wheelchairs.  As with other cruise ships, the same room on a higher floor is often listed as a higher category.  Closer to the middle of the ship also tends to raise a room’s category rank, though on the Divina the highest ranked balcony cabins are at the bow end of decks 12 and 13.

MSC Divina inside stateroom

Inside Room

Inside rooms cost the least, therefore allowing passengers to spend less on their vacation or have more money available for things like shore excursions.  On the Divina, inside stateroom sizes vary from 12 to 29 sq.m (139 – 258 square feet.)   Passengers per cabin varies from two to four depending on whether a given room has a sofa bed or bunks that descend from the ceiling to accommodate more than the standard two guests.

MSC Divina Oceanview Stateroom

Oceanview cabin with porthole window and drop down bunks

Oceanview rooms cost more than inside and less than balcony cabins.  The cost is closer to inside than to balcony, so oceanview rooms are a nice way to save on the vacation dollars while still having a room with a view.  The Divina has some really nice oceanview rooms, but check the location carefully before booking one because some of the rooms on deck 8 in the area just behind the atrium where there are also inside cabins are smaller than the very nice rooms on deck 5.  The oceanview cabins on deck 5 and the larger ones on deck 8 have pull-down bunks in the ceiling and could sleep 4 people quite comfortably with plenty of floor space for a family since the bunks don’t take up any extra space on the ground.  Oceanview cabin sizes range from 12 to 29 sq.m (129 – 312 square feet.)

Accommodations on the MSC Divina - balcony cabin

Balcony Cabin

accomodations on the MSC Divina

Divina standard balcony

Balcony cabins offer passengers some private outdoor space of their own.  Some are  standard size compared to the balcony cabins on some of the other ships I’ve sailed on while others are larger, but the Divina has tiny balcony cabins too.

not all cruise ship cabins are created equal

check the deck plans before choosing your cruise ship cabin

Watch out for the staterooms in the same area behind the atrium with small oceanview and inside rooms though because the Divina has some particularly small balcony cabins in that section on every deck from 9 up.  If you can get the room cheap because of the small size it’s fine, but try to avoid booking a tiny room for the same price you could get a larger one elsewhere on the ship.

surprisingly nice cruise ship cabin

Cabin 9145 has a double balcony and inside seems almost like a two-room suite

The Divina has some particularly nice balcony cabins ranked the same as those around them.  We had cabin #9145, which sits with the long side to the outside of the ship rather than the short side like most cabins. This cabin had a double sized balcony, and inside the room was more like two rooms than one.  There are only 4 cabins like it on the entire ship.  Look near corners where the ship has contours to find other cabins with larger than normal balconies.

Sleep two extra people in this 4-person balcony room with double couch bed on the MSC Divina

Balcony cabin with double couch bed

space-saving shower on MSC Divina

standard shower with doors inward to make more bathroom space

Balcony cabins sleep from 2 to 4 passengers and range in size from 17 sq.m to 42 sq.m (183 – 451 square feet.)  A unique feature of this ship (also offered on the MSC Preziosa) is the Superfamily cabin, which sleeps up to 6 people.  This is comprised of two connecting 3-person balcony cabins and is priced for the cabin rather than the amount of passengers using it.

The space-saving bathrooms in the regular rooms have showers in which the doors can open in or out and when not in use can stay inward to give the rest of the room more space.  When in use, the showers do not offer a lot of area for large people to move about.

accomodations on MSC Divina

Auria Suite

MSC Divina Deluxe Yacht Club suite disabled accessible bathroom

disabled accessible suite has a larger shower than regular rooms

MSC Divina suite bathroom with bathtub

suite bathroom with tub

Passengers who like nicer rooms and are willing to pay the price can book suites.  For those who just want a nicer room, the Divina offers the Auria suites.  Suites on  the Divina have walk-in closets and except for disabled accessible suites they have bathtubs.  All of the Auria suites are at the bow of the ship on decks 9, 10, and 11.  Some have balconies and others picture windows.  They range in size from 21 to 47 sq.m (226 – 505 square feet.)

cruise ship suite verandah

Balcony on Yacht Club suite at the bow

Guests of the Divina who want the privileges of an exclusive club can book MSC Yacht Club suites.  These suites come with a lot more than just a nice room.  Priority check-in, concierge, and butler service are just the start of it.  MSC Yacht club suite keys open the door to a whole private area.

exclusive area of cruise ship reserved for suite guests

Swarovski crystal staircase in the MSC Yacht Club private area

pay enough for your cruise and the price includes the drinks

Drinks are on the house at the MSC Yacht Club bar

The MSC Yacht Club area includes a golden Swarovski crystal staircase, a private bar where drinks don’t cost extra, indoor and outdoor buffet areas, an exclusive dining room with great views overlooking the infinity pool at the stern of the ship, and a private outdoor deck with pool,  hot tub, and views over the bow.

exclusive dining on a cruise ship

Le Muse, the MSC Yacht Club private dining room

cruise ship private area exclusive hot tubs for suite guests only

Hot tubs in the Yacht Club pool area

The Yacht Club lounge sports the best views at the front of the ship.  The indoor space in the Yacht Club private area even includes a posh library with lots of books and places to sit and read them.

cruise ship library

MSC Yacht Club Library

MSC Divina suite

Deluxe Yacht Club Suite

All the perks are mainly what Yacht Club deluxe suite guests pay for since these suites run from 26 to 39 sq.m (280 – 420 square feet) with the only large ones in the row across the bow on deck 16.

large cruise ship suite

Sophia Loren Royal Suite

The Executive and Family suites at 45 to 53 sq.m (484 – 570 square feet) and Royal Suites at 52 sq.m (560 square feet) have considerably more space than regular rooms in addition to the yacht club perks.

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20 Responses to Cruise Ship Cabins on the MSC Divina

  1. cindy knoke says:

    WOW!! What a beautiful ship!

  2. Chris Beath says:

    The yacht club gets a lot of perks. I know the suites often come with more perks then the rest of the rooms but it looks like the MSC Divina goes even beyond the rest of them with extras for the suite guests. Did the suites also include spa perks?

    • The brochure we have from them says that the MSC Yacht club area has a private lift (elevator) to take the yacht club guests to the spa where they have a massage and treatment room reserved just for them. It did not say whether or not using it was complimentary though.

  3. Wow, that cruise ship seems to have it all! Does all include waterbeds?

    Sorry, I could not control myself.

  4. Cruiser 24 says:

    Don’t book a guaranteed cabin. We had to move to a different cabin (same lowest category) right in the middle of our cruise!

  5. Capt Jill says:

    Thanks for such an informative post. I’ve never been on a big cruise ship like the Divina, but I think it must be helpful to learn as much as possible before hand. I really appreciate you telling us all about the different room sizes and perks. I would like to go on a cruise like this someday, just to see what it’s like to be a guest instead of working. 😉

    • A cruise is what you make of it. I’ve enjoyed every cruise I’ve taken regardless of the ship or cruise line. They definitely do vary in size as well as in what they have to do on board so it’s always good to know what each ship has to offer before booking to find the one that’s right for you. There are people out there that will always find something to complain about even if it is as petty as they served the wrong flavor of ice cream, but I don’t suppose that sort of person really enjoys anything at all.

  6. Michael A. Albano says:

    I just returned from a 7 day cruise on the DIVINA and WOW! What a beautiful ship! I would recommend this one ship to anyone. Excellent service….outstanding show’s….great food….don’t have a bad word to say about this cruise ship. Just that you gotta GO>>>GO>>>GO…6o believe it!
    Mike Albano ….Clearwater, Florida

  7. bigdave1583 says:

    Wow!! This blog is so hot!!

  8. Renee says:

    Thank you for the information. I was considering the Divina for a December cruise and I came across your site. After finding out the actual numbers for the 4 large balconies, I was able to book one of the 2 large balcony rooms! Again thank you and I’ll update after my trip. This will be my first cruise!

  9. Ken says:

    I am going on 7 day cruise in Sept. 2014. We also booked room 9145. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  10. Rowan Smith says:

    Cant wait to sail on Divina on July 1st 2015. I’ve been on Pacific Sun in 2007 and then Oasis of the Seas in 2012 and I love cruising it’s the best way to travel

  11. K. S. says:

    Thank you for the post. Just booked for Dec. 2015. Any recommendations or hindsight on the drink packages and whether to buy them or not? (I know about the 15% on board upcharge.) Thanks in advance!

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