Cruise Ship Cabins on Carnival Legend

cruise ship in Australia

Carnival Legend in Sydney, Australia

Carnival Legend spends a good part of the year cruising out of Australia, where you can book a cruise at Carnival Australia.  In the northern hemisphere’s summer, when it is winter in the southern hemisphere, the Legend moves to America where it cruises to Alaska through Carnival America.  While transitioning across the Pacific Ocean it cruises to (or from) Hawaii.  At least for now.  Ships do change homeports sometimes.

cruise ship inside stateroom

inside cabin 6-205

Like all cruise ships, the Legend has a variety of rooms to choose from.  Cruise ship accommodations vary from basic inside rooms to fancy suites.  Budget travelers can save money by booking an inside room.  Not all rooms in the same category are of equal size or have the furnishings arranged the same.

cruise ship inside cabin

Inside room 7-278 has a different arrangement.

Inside rooms are the smallest rooms on the ship and of course have no outside view, but they cost significantly less and provide a place to sleep with plenty of storage space for two and most people don’t spend a significant amount of time in their cabin anyway.  Some do have bunks so those on a really tight budget could put 3 or 4 people in an inside room, but they would not have a lot of floor space for small children’s toys or much room to move around when everyone is in the room.  Some people like inside rooms because they can have total darkness for sleeping at any time of the day.

cruise ship accommodations

window room 1-233 with the couch made into a third bed

The rooms with a window have significantly more space than the inside rooms.  These rooms are quite comfortable for 3 or 4 people and cost significantly less than a balcony room.  The windows provide a nice view and a lot of the window rooms are located on deck 1, convenient to the gangway at ports and to the shops, theater, casino, and dining room while onboard.

family cruise ship cabin

balcony cabin 6-143 with drop-down bunk

Balcony rooms give passengers their own little bit of outside space.  It’s nice to have a balcony if you like to sit outside in private, or for easy photo access to outside from the cabin.  Some cabins have bunks that fold into the ceiling if they are not needed and drop down when more people use the room.

connecting cabins on cruise ship

open connecting door between balcony cabins 6-135 and 6-137

Some of the balcony cabins on the Legend have connecting doors between rooms, making them a good choice for a family needing more space than one room provides.  All of the standard size rooms (inside, window, and balcony) have private bathrooms with a shower, sink, and toilet.  The shower has shampoo and body wash dispensers and bars of soap are provided for the sink.

Carnival Legend Suite

Ocean Suite

cruise ship suite

Ocean Suite with bunk down

People who want a little luxury with their cruise can book an Ocean Suite, which has more floorspace than the balcony cabins and the addition of double sinks and a whirlpool bathtub in the head (bathroom on a ship.)

grand suite on the Legend

Grand Suite with bunk

The Grand Suites are great for honeymooners or anyone else who wants to make their cruise really special.

big dressing room

dressing room in the grand suite

The grand suite has more square footage and a separate dressing area.  It also has a bidet, which may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on personal opinion.

fancy cruise ship bathroom

bathroom in the grand suite

Grand Suites have an extra-large balcony.  This one has loungers as well as chairs.

large balcony on a cruise ship

balcony on the grand suite

The Legend also has two more suite categories.   Junior Suites have a standard size balcony and suite amenities like a walk-in closet and whirlpool bath.  The Vista Suites include a wrap-around balcony and a wall of windows.  Ocean, Grand, and Vista Suites come with VIP check-in.

Carnival Legend deck plan

deck plan to deck 6 where most of the photos are from

When booking your stateroom it’s a good idea to check the deck plans.  Find the type and location of the cabin you want.  Sometimes certain cabins are smaller or larger than others of the same category.  It’s also a good idea to check the plans for the decks above and below your chosen deck for potentially noisy places if you are a light sleeper.

If you would like to see photos showing the inside of Carnival spa cabins, wheelchair accessible cabins, or an inside room with bunks please view my blog about the accommodations on the Carnival Splendor.

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8 Responses to Cruise Ship Cabins on Carnival Legend

  1. gwynnrogers says:

    Holy Smokes, inside rooms certainly have changed from eons ago when my parents cruised up to Alaska. They had bunk beds. The rooms look lovely. Thanks for the tour.

    • I actually like the bunks. When we had 4 people in the cabin on the Splendor one was a 12-year old whom you would assume would get the drop-down bunk, but in fact of the 4 of us I was the only one who wanted to sleep in a bunk so I did. I missed having a nightstand to set things on, but other than that I liked sleeping up in the bunk and it was quite comfortable.

      On some ships the very lowest most inexpensive inside room will just have bunks (and sometimes a porthole.) There will probably only be about 2 rooms like that on the entire ship though.

  2. So the honeymooners will already have someone sleeping on the bunk bed? hahahah! Actually, I was looking at one of the smaller rooms thinking, hey a bunk bed that’s kinda cool and space saver.

    • Some honeymooners might…. Not all the rooms have bunks. Some just hold 2 people max. The bunks fold up into the ceiling so even if a room does have a bunk if it isn’t needed it will be folded up out of the way. These rooms are very versatile because different people have different needs. The two main beds can be pushed together and made up as a double or set separately as twins depending on the desires of the guest of the week in any given room.

  3. shavone Richards says:

    I would love to be an asset to your organization I’ve done a course in housekeeping level 2 at the heart eastern tvet in which I was successfully competent. so I’m asking you please if u could employ me .

    • I just write blogs about cruise ships. I don’t have any influence on who gets hired. You need to contact directly any cruise line you are interested in working for and go through whatever process that cruise line requires to find employment on a ship.

  4. Lyn says:

    I will take the grand suite thank you

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