Accommodations on Carnival Breeze

cove balconies on Carnival Breeze

from the outside, cove balconies look like a giant window above two small windows

Carnival Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Breeze makes its way just a bit closer to its permanent home in America every day.  Launched last June, it spent the summer cruising Europe.  After a transatlantic crossing it will take eager passengers on Caribbean cruises out of Miami.

Carnival Breeze cruise ship stateroom

standard inside cabin

Before taking their cruise, each passenger has to book their stateroom.  Other than those who book a minimum guaranteed category in hopes of an upgrade, people have to pick just which sort of cabin they want to spend their cruise in.  Deciding factors include price, number of people in the room, and amenities desired.  The same type of room has different category listings based on its location within the ship.

Carnival Breeze accomodations

balcony room

The best bargain comes in the form of a standard inside room.  It provides the necessities, a place to sleep, somewhere to put your things, and a bathroom.

decorating a cruise ship cabin for special occasions

cove balcony room – with decorations that can be ordered from the Cherry On Top store

balcony on Carnival Breeze

regular balcony has clear panel

The ocean view rooms have a bit more space as well as a window.

Carnival Breeze Cove Balcony

cove balconies have some metal on the water side

Balcony rooms have similar square footage to the ocean view rooms, with the addition of a verandah for a bit of private outdoor space.  The Breeze has a new category of balcony rooms called cove balcony.  These are located on a lower deck than the other balcony rooms and the balcony is swathed in a protective solid cove rather than a full clear panel on the outer edge like the balconies on higher level rooms.

bunk bed room, Carnival Breeze

bunk bed drops from ceiling and couch underneath also converts to a bed

Some rooms have space for extra passengers in the form of beds that drop from the ceiling and/or couches that fold out into beds.  These features are available in a variety of room categories.

cruise ship suite cabin on Carnival Breeze

Carnival Breeze Standard Suite

Passengers willing to pay a premium for more space opt to book suites.  These grow ever larger from the standard suite offering a little more space than the balcony room, to the larger premium suites and biggest of all grand suites.

premium suite on Carnival breeze

Bigger Suite

suites, Carnival Breeze

Biggest Suite

Suites come with larger bathrooms and more storage space.  The bigger suites have double sinks and jetted tubs.  Other suite amenities include concierge and VIP check in.

grand suite Carnival Breeze

Biggest Suite Bathroom

The Breeze also offers spa rooms.  These are balcony or suite cabins located near the spa and decorated in softer more soothing colors.  Use of some spa facilities completes the spa room package.

spa room on Carnival Breeze

Spa rooms have softer colors, spa robes and bath products, and spa packages

Smoking is no longer allowed on balconies.  The deck 5 public smoking area is on the port side, but on the Lido it’s on starboard so be careful where you book your balcony room if smoke bothers you. The deck 5 public smoking area allows cigars as well as cigarettes so particularly avoid booking near that area if you are sensitive to smoke.

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  1. cindy knoke says:

    Fascinating seeing all the cabin photos. Thank you for posting this!

  2. Nicole says:

    Very interesting look at the different rooms and options.

  3. Which room did you stay in?

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