Carnival Breeze – Things to do and Best Kept Secrets

cruise ship bow

Carnival Breeze

An Interview with John Heald

John Beath interviews Carnival’s number one cruise director, John Heald.

John Heald on stage

John Heald – the man in the suit

During the transatlantic crossing on the Carnival Breeze, John Heald and sidekick Calvyn broadcast a morning show from Club O2 aboard the Breeze each day.  While most passengers chose to watch either from the big screen above the pool or the TV in their cabins, a few – in numbers that grew larger each day – wandered down to club O2 to watch in person.  One morning he agreed to an interview following the broadcast of his show.

cruise ship showtime

singer on the Breeze stage

Part of the interview relating to John Heald’s favorite places on the ship appeared in a previous blog.  This segment involves things he likes to do and a couple of the ship’s best kept secrets.

adults only serenity deck

Serenity Deck on Carnival Breeze

An Interview with John Heald – Things to do on Carnival Breeze, and Best Kept Secrets on the Ship

Of all the ships I’ve sailed on, the Breeze was one of my all-time favorites.  It had such a variety of things to do, something for everyone.

cruise ship gym - where to work off all that great food

Gym at Cloud 9 Spa

Different people like to do different things, so it is nice that the Breeze has so many to choose from.  Some of my favorites such as the water slides and the Thrill Theater (motion ride) were not even mentioned in the interview, as it was about John Heald’s favorites, not mine.

cruise ship food

Taste Bar on Carnival Breeze

John and John each mention something they consider a best kept secret in the video, and to that I’ll add one of my own.  On the inside of the ship running along the front edge of decks 6 and 7 behind those secret balconies mentioned in the video, there’s a hallway leading to a row of cabins.

where to find peace and quiet on a cruise

balconies at the front of decks 6 & 7 are little known and uncrowded

These are classified as inside cabins, but each has a window looking out on the front balcony and onward to wherever the ship is heading at the moment.  With doors to the balcony at either end of the hall, these rooms are definitely oceanview, and practically balcony cabins, for the price of an inside room!  They also book up well in advance of any cruise so to get one you’d need to either plan your cruise far ahead of time or get incredibly lucky.

For more of this interview see Best Places on Carnival Breeze, Life on a Cruise Ship and Carnival Funships 2.0 or What Happens if You Get Left Behind on a Cruise.

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5 Responses to Carnival Breeze – Things to do and Best Kept Secrets

  1. charlie kelson says:

    we were on the breeze in oct. 2012, loved all of it, a beautiful ship

  2. LaLindaArtStudio says:

    We are looking forward cruising on the Breeze in just a few weeks. For some reason I did not expect the famed John Heald to have a British accent, what a nice surprise : )

  3. Alexandria says:

    What are the room numbers for the cabins mentioned.

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