Carnival Breeze Thrill Theater

4-d theater

4-D theater on Carnival Breeze

Carnival Breeze has a new way to have fun on a cruise ship.  For a small fee, passengers can buy either a one ride ticket, or the much better unlimited full cruise pass to visit the brand new 4-D Thrill Theater.

magic motion ride

Thrill Theater on Carnival Breeze

In the small theater, a short movie about 20 minutes long plays after guests don their 3-D glasses.  In addition to the 3-D effects onscreen, passengers get involved in the action in more ways than one.  As the action happens on the screen, the seats may move, making people feel as if that action just happened to them.

Sometimes the character on screen moves very quickly.  A blast of air accompanies the action so theater goers feel as if the wind of that movement blew past them.  Then perhaps that onscreen character sneezes or gets splashed.  Suddenly those watching feel that wet spray too.

Short for a movie, or long for a ride, this theater really puts people into the action of these family-friendly shows.  Episodes playing during our cruise included Ice Age, Happy Feet, Polar Express, Planet Earth Shallow Seas, Sponge Bob and Speed Racer.

thrill theater on Carnival Breeze

in the theater

The small fee paid for the unlimited pass was well worth getting to attend each and every show.  Comparatively, at over half the price of the unlimited pass, the one ride ticket is not such a good deal.

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8 Responses to Carnival Breeze Thrill Theater

  1. Sounds like great fun. I’d want to go to all of them!

  2. Looks like a great new addition to the Carnival cruises. Is this a 2.0 upgrade or just a test on the new Breeze?

    • It’s a 2.0 upgrade. Lots of fun. So far the best was a bamboo roller coaster shown as an extra feature with happy feet. It even has monkeys throwing bananas at the audience. The motion part is better on the roller coaster one.

  3. I will be going on the BREEZE in February 2013. I’m interested in everything about it. Did you write a review of your cruise anywhere?

  4. Chris says:

    How does it compare to magic motion machines you have done in other places?

    • It is the sort where the seat rows move individually like the original one at Excalibur in Vegas, which I prefer to the type where they are all on a platform. (I’ve gotten motion sickness from the platform sort when overdone, but the type on the Breeze doesn’t bother me at all.) This was the first we’ve seen that sprayed water, which we could have done without. I do think the motion of the seats works best when there’s a track to follow on the screen, so the bamboo roller coaster one stayed my favorite. After seeing all of them it was the one we went back for several more times.

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