Carnival Breeze Waterworks

cruise ship water park and waterslides

Waterworks on Carnival Breeze

Sometimes people who have never cruised before ask me, “What is there to do on a cruise ship?”  A better question might be “What isn’t there to do on a Cruise Ship?”  By picking the right ship, you can find just about anything you like to do on one of these floating resorts at sea.  Some have more entertainment provided by staff with scheduled activities each day, and others have more things for passengers to do on their own.

ropes course on Carnival Breeze

Carnival Breeze Sky Course

Carnival Breeze has all sorts of fun things passengers can do to entertain themselves.  Inside along with the usual things like shows, food, bars, more food and more bars, they also have the Thrill Theater where they have motion ride movies.  Outside besides the traditional pools and hot tubs, they have things like mini golf, a sky course with a number of different rope challenges, and a waterpark.  Yup, not just a waterslide, but two really great slides and a whole waterpark around them, called Waterworks.  The water park has all sorts of things that spray water for passengers (mainly kids) to splash and play in, and a giant bucket that periodically dumps the motherlode of water on whomever dares to stand beneath it.

twister and drainpipe water slides

waterslides on Carnival Breeze

The crown jewels of Waterworks consist of the two slides, Twister and Drainpipe.

waterslides at sea

What Fun!

Twister curves around in yellow coils winding it’s way down from the staircase you climb to reach it to the splash zone a couple decks below.  It’s the most popular of the two slides.

Drainpipe snakes around the waterpark in an orange curve and dumps sliders into a sort of bowl.  When finished flushing around the bowl the slider then takes a ladder down to the splash zone deck.

On both slides you go faster laying down, but sitting up prevents the water-in-the-face landing sometimes received at the end of the slide when laying down.  Or for the best of both worlds, lay down until nearly the end and then sit up in time to avoid the water-filled end.

Our transatlantic cruise provided us with five sunny warm days in a row on calm seas so we had plenty of time to try out the slides.  Sometimes they had a crowd and we had to wait in line, but other times we found nobody else there and could just keep going up the stairs and right down the slide again as much as we wished.

cruise ship waterslide

Drainpipe curves around the giant bucket into the sunset

Like most passengers, we preferred the Twister slide, but in crowded times Drainpipe had a much shorter line and still made a good ride.

Far from feeling bored after 5 straight at-sea days, we found it still wasn’t enough time to try out everything the ship had to offer.

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6 Responses to Carnival Breeze Waterworks

  1. I’ve only been on one cruise and it was for 10 days. I could comfortably stayed there for another 10 and still enjoyed all the entertainment. It’s incredible how much they provide. I did not, however, have a water slide. That sounds like fabulous fun.

  2. The water slides are really fun, especially on a hot day. We also used the slide while still in port, waiting for the ship to leave. During that time the lines were short as most passengers were still ashore or getting back aboard.

  3. Chris Beath says:

    I had fun on the waterslides on our last cruise too. I couldn’t watch the videos because I’m offshore right now but not on a cruise ship. There is not that much to do on this boat but we are here for work anyway.

  4. The water slides look fun, but I’d really like to try that sky course thing. Would be good practice for Tough Mudder….

    • Each section of the sky course had two tracks and you could change over from one to the other at any of the platforms between. One side was the easy choice and the other more challenging.

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