How to Make a Towel Turkey

How to Fold a Towel Turkey

How to fold a towel turkey

Towel Turkey

Supplies Needed for Towel Turkey

1. One Bath Towel for main body

2. Three Washcloths for tail

3. Red Felt for wattle

4. Two Pipe Cleaners (AKA Chenille Stems) for feet

5. Two Eyes (google eyes, bits of felt, or bits of paper)

Towel Turkey Folding Instructions

How to Make a Towel Turkey Body

how to fold a towel turkey body

hang bath towel on wall hook

Hang center of long side of bath towel on wall hook, or tuck it under your chin.  Roll both sides tightly to the middle until entire towel becomes two tight rolls with a pointy end at the top and wide end at the bottom.

making a towel turkey

Roll rolled towel starting at wide end

Set tightly rolled towel down on flat surface with rolled side down.  Roll towel bird body starting from wide end of towel and leaving enough of the pointy end unrolled to make the head and neck.

how to make a towel bird body

roll body until just enough is left for head and neck

The part of the towel hanging out the sides becomes the wings after rolling the towel turkey body.  Tuck the neck between the body rolls and curl the end down for the head.

how to fold a towel turkey

tuck the leftover end between the rolls

How to Fold a Towel Turkey Tail

how to fold a towel turkey tail

fold washcloth like a fan

Fold one end of washcloth over.  Fold same end again going the opposite way.  Continue folding back and forth until entire washcloth is folded accordion style.  Repeat with other two washcloths.

folded towel fans become a towel turkey tail

bend folded washcloths at the center

Fold all three at center, pinching folded end tight so they resemble a fan.  Set them side by side and pinch folds as tightly as possible to make that end small enough to fit between the rolls of the turkey body.

three washcloths make a towel turkey tail

gather washcloths together at folded end

Assembling the Towel Turkey

how to make a towel bird tail

pinch ends of washcloth tail tight and push tail between rolls

Push folded end washcloth tail into crack between turkey body rolls.  Bring edges together where washcloths meet and shape tail as needed.

making a towel turkey

red felt wattle inserted between rolls on underside of head

Fold red felt in half.  Cut a turkey wattle out of the felt with the fold at the thinnest point.  Insert folded end between rolls on underside of turkey’s head

Decorate with eyes and feet.  Use double stick tape to keep google eyes on.  See towel pigeon folding blog for instructions on how to make the pipe cleaner bird feet.

Towel art - folding a towel turkey

Finished Towel Turkey

Next towel animal in My Cruise Stories Towel Animal Folding Series: Reindeer

towel origami - reindeer

Towel Reindeer

For instructions on other towel animals visit My Cruise Stories Towel Animal Page.

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8 Responses to How to Make a Towel Turkey

  1. Lorraine Marie Reguly says:

    Oh, you must have just been dying waiting for Thanksgiving to roll around to publish this, Lois! 😀

    • Even more for Christmas to put up the reindeer!

      • Lorraine Marie Reguly says:

        I bet! At least I know know that the cat’s out of the bag…and will be looking forward to next month!
        PS. I hope you don’t steal all the towels from all the cruises you go on! 😉

        • Cruise ships have boring white towels. If anyone did try to steal them the ship would charge it to their onboard account.

          I have been on a couple cruises with new stateroom stewards just learning to fold animals so I’d make one for them each day and then they’d make one of theirs in the evening. One of them would ask how to make the ones I left for him so I’d show him how. We saved all the ones both he and I made throughout the cruise and had quite the menagerie at the end.

  2. Ruth Roberts says:

    That turkey is really something! Bet you won’t find one that fancy on a cruise ship, though we did get several rally nice ones on the cruise to Alaska. Did you make that up yourself?

  3. That’s quite an impressive towel turkey. And of course, your reindeer is not Just Any Reindeer, but Rudolph!

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