Interview with John Heald: Best Places on Carnival Breeze

Carnival Breeze cruise ship

Carnival Breeze in Malaga, Spain

John Heald, Carnival’s senior cruise director, has many fans among Carnival passengers.  In addition to being their spokesperson,  he also writes a blog.  He sailed across the Atlantic on the Breeze’s maiden voyage to America as the cruise director for the ship.  In addition to hosting games such as Hasbro The Game Show, he also had a morning show broadcast on the ship’s TV, along with sidekick Calvyn.  Lots of passengers gathered on the sundeck to watch the morning show on the big screen from the comfort of a deck chair.  Others watched from their rooms.  A few major fans even found their way down to the Club O2 where he taped the show.  Some sat on the floor because all the comfortable furniture was out of viewing range.  Club O2 is normally for teens and has a dance floor with everchanging colors.

where teens hang out on cruise ships

Club O2 on Carnival Breeze

The number of people at the taping increased daily as more people discovered the whereabouts of the production, but we stopped in early on in the voyage when the audience consisted of a few huge fans….all women.  John Heald even made a comment about a man in the audience as we sat patiently on a very uncomfortable bench waiting for our scheduled interview following the show.

John Heald, cruise director

John Heald on Carnival Breeze

Prior to meeting us, we had sent our business cards, giving him time to look up some of the things we have published online.  I had set a blog about what to pack to autopost before we left, so at that time it was top of the que.  He was quite impressed with the convertible pants, having never seen such a thing before.  I’m not sure if they don’t have them in England where he hails from, or if he just does not frequent the sort of outdoor store that sells that sort of thing.

perfect pants for travel

travel pants convert from pants to shorts

We got all sorts of great information in our interview.  We had enough to make three separate videos.  This one is about his favorite places on the Carnival Breeze.

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2 Responses to Interview with John Heald: Best Places on Carnival Breeze

  1. Chris Beath says:

    I liked the Blue Iguana better then Guy’s Burgers. The burgers were too salty but the buritos from the Blue Iguaua were great especally the breakfast burritos.

    • I have to agree with you on that one since I don’t eat beef and Guy’s serves nothing else. His tip on the Cucina was great though We had one of our best meals on the ship there. I had spaghetti carbonara that came from a recipe used on Carnival’s very first ship. It was so good (and so plentiful) that John ate more of my food then he did of his own.

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