Sunrise Over the North Atlantic Ocean

sun rising over Carnival Breeze in the north Atlantic ocean

Sunrise over the Carnival Breeze exercise track

The Carnival Breeze and all passengers aboard got very lucky on the ship’s maiden transatlantic voyage.  Every day during our ocean crossing we had sunny skies, warm weather, and smooth sailing.  What more could anyone ask for?  How about some glorious sunrises and a few nice sunsets too?

sunrise over the ocean miles from anywhere

the dark sky just starting to get some color – photo from cabin balcony

One morning I started a photo session early from the balcony as soon as the sky had a bit of light, then continued from the track on the top deck between laps around as the sun rose higher.

sunrise from cruise ship balcony

As the sky lightens the clouds get more color. Somewhere in the North Atlantic miles from any land.

We had a particularly colorful sunrise that day, which was nice since these photos were taken with a point and shoot underwater camera, not one of those fancy ones with polarizers and things that adds color for you.  One definite advantage of a balcony, or at least a window – knowing when the sun rises.  (Although when staying in an inside cabin if you turn the TV to the bow cam channel at night with the sound off it works like a window.)  With the balcony though you can grab the camera and get right out there for a photo.

sunrise over the north atlantic ocean

the sun came up a bit higher and really put the fire in the sky over my cruise ship cabin balcony

After I took the photo above I thought I was done with sunrises for the day and went up to the track for some exercise.  The first couple days I had gone to the gym, but then I discovered that outside track with fresh air and unbeatable views.  Much nicer than a treadmill.

sunrise from the exercise track on Carnival Breeze

the sky got more blue as it got lighter, but still pretty

Of course I had the camera with me, and the sun continues to rise so every few laps I had to stop for another photo.

sunrise over the ocean

every few laps around the track the color changed and the clouds moved

sunrise on Carnival Breeze

when the sun got high enough it left a reflection trailing across the water

sunrise over the North Atlantic

once the sun totally cleared the water it lost most of the color

Balcony cabins also work great for taking photos of sunsets.

sunset on Carnival Breeze transatlantic cruise

sunset over the North Atlantic Ocean.

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6 Responses to Sunrise Over the North Atlantic Ocean

  1. Stunning shots. Don’t know that I’d ever get sunrise shots unless I’d partied the night away, though.

  2. megtraveling says:

    Your pictures are beautiful! And what fantastic colors… 🙂

  3. Chris says:

    That’s one of the good parts about working offshore. I’m usually up for the sunrise or the sunset depending on what shift I’m on.

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