How to Fold a Better Towel Seal (or Sea Lion or Walrus)

how to fold big towel seals and baby towel seals

Towel Seals

The first animal in this series was the easy towel seal. When the stewards make that one on the ships, a lot of passengers aren’t quite sure what it is. There’s no mistaking this bigger, better, more detailed towel seal. Other options with this animal include using brown towels to make a sea lion, or adding tusks to make a walrus.

Supplies Needed to Make a Towel Seal/Sea Lion

1. Two Bath Towels

2. Googly Eyes or bits of felt or cloth or paper eyes

3. Any other decorations desired such as a fish hanging from the mouth, a tongue, or whatever strikes your fancy

4. For a walrus, add tusks made of pipe cleaners, straws, felt, paper, or whatever you have that resembles tusks.

5. For a baby towel seal use two hand towels instead of bath towels and follow the same directions as for big seal.

folding a baby towel seal

baby towel seal

Starting the Towel Seal Head and Flippers

Fold one towel in half across the short side and then fold in half again parallel to the first fold. Set aside.

making a towel seal

fold towel in half across the short side

how to fold the head and flippers for a towel seal

fold towel in half across the short side again

 How to Fold a Towel Seal Body

making a towel seal body

fold about 3/4 of the towel over across the short side

Fold about ¾ of the towel across the short side so that about a quarter of it hangs out the end in a single layer.

how to make a towel seal

fold corners to center on folded edge of towel

On the doubled end, fold both corners to the center so the end folded end resembles the point of a triangle.

how to fold a towel sea lion

roll both sides to the center

Roll both long sides to the center of the towel.

how to make a towel walrus

set the towel rolled sides up onto the previously folded towel (rolls will be tighter if you don’t let go to take pictures)

Place the pointy end on the center of the head and flipper towel.

how to fold towels into a seal

fold the corners of the flat towel down over the rolled towel

Fold the corners of the head and flipper towel to the center over top of the body towel so the whole thing resembles an arrow.

towels folded into seals

it looks like an arrow with both corners folded

Fold the two triangles together and flip the whole thing over.

towels nearly folded into a seal

fold in half

making a towel seal

roll seal over and shape head, flippers, and tail as desired

Raise the head and flipper end and shape as desired. Shape the tail end into tail fins.

folding towels into animals

finished towel seal

Decorate with eyes and any other desired embellishments.

how to fold a towel walrus

plastic knives for tusks turn a seal into a walrus

What’s next in towel folding? My Cruise Stories very own towel anteater.  With the holidays coming up, the anteater will have to wait.  Next up is now the towel turkey.

towel animal anteater

Towel Anteater

You can find instructions on how to fold all sorts of other towel animals in My Cruise Stories towel animal archives or on the Towel Animal Page.

towel turkey

towel turkey

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6 Responses to How to Fold a Better Towel Seal (or Sea Lion or Walrus)

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  2. Barbara McAbee says:

    Very cute. Nice job.

  3. Chris says:

    Can you do a towel racoon? It would be a good camping towel animal.

  4. Jo says:

    So cool! Thank you!

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