How To Fold a Towel Squirrel

How To Make A Towel Squirrel

how to fold towel animals

Towel Squirrel

Supplies Needed to Fold a Towel Squirrel

Two Washcloths

One Handtowel

One Pipecleaner


How to Fold a Washcloth Squirrel Head

For a video on how to fold the squirrel head, view the washcloth mouse because the mouse is used as the squirrel’s head.

using a washcloth mouse for a towel squirrel head

washcloth folded on the diagonal with the first corner folded to the center

Lay washcloth flat.  Fold in half diagonally.  Fold one corner to center of folded edge, followed by opposite corner.

washcloth art

fold straight edge over once

Fold over long edge.

how to fold a washcloth mouse

pull tips of the corners out from under the folded edge

Fold washcloth in half. Bring tips of each of the corners out from under the folded edge for ears.

washcloth origami

the squirrel works well with a thick washcloth

Fold top part down flush with sides.

how to fold a washcloth into a mouse

use your fingers to shape the head and eye sockets

Secure with rubber band.  Shape ears, face, and eye spaces as desired.  Add eyes.  If you don’t have googly eyes you can make eyes from felt or paper.

How to Make a Towel Squirrel Body

The squirrel takes the standard towel animal body, only made with a hand towel instead of the usual bath towel.

towel origami

roll both ends of short side to middle

Lay the hand towel out flat.  Roll both ends from the short side to the center.

towel art

rolled towel folded in half with tips pulled out at end of each roll

Fold rolled towel in half with rolls on the outside.  Pull the tip out of the center of each roll.

small towel folding

pull with both hands (I don’t actually pull with the foot, it just held things in place for the photo while the other hand is on the camera)

Hold tips from both ends of one roll in one hand and both ends of the other roll in the other hand and pull all of them at once until rolls pull out into the four legs of an animal body.

How to Fold a Washcloth Squirrel Tail

washcloth animal folding

lay pipe cleaner diagonally across center of washcloth from one corner

Fold squirrel tail from a washcloth.  Put a pipe cleaner on washcloth diagonally over one corner.

washcloth art

fold one side of washcloth over pipe cleaner triangularly from the corner where the pipe cleaner is

Fold one side of the washcloth triangularly over the pipe cleaner.

making a washcloth squirrel tail

fold the other side of the washcloth across the first fold

Fold other side and then fold again.

towel art

fold tail over a third time

Assembling the Towel Squirrel

how to put a towel animal together

tuck washcloth head between leg rolls on body towel

Put the head between the rolls of the body.

making towel animals

sit the squirrel up and position legs so they hold up the head, then tuck wide end of tail into lower fold at back of body

Bring squirrel into sitting position.  Tuck wide end of tail into lower fold at back of body.  Use the pipe cleaner to hold the tail up and make an arch to shape it into squirrel tail.  If you really want to get creative you could add things like whiskers or claws.

towel animal folding directions

finished towel squirrel

For more towel animal folding instructions visit My Cruise Stories Towel Animal Page.

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15 Responses to How To Fold a Towel Squirrel

  1. Ralph says:

    Heehee ! Love the squirrel LB 😀 ❤

  2. aFrankAngle says:

    This one is new to me … well done!

  3. What a perfect washcloth for the tail! But how about folding a towel acorn for its dinner?

  4. Kamila Pala says:

    Simply – cute :)! Bye. Kamila

  5. You, I was thinking that was wayyy awesome..and I thought it would be a fun activity with the kids who are 9 and 11… but looking at those steps, yup, a little too involved. I have a feeling it wouldn’t look very squirrel’ esk. But, the next time I walk by brown wash cloths, you can bet I’ll mull it over. I already have a bunch of googley eyes from another kid’s project. Sooo….


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