How To Fold a Washcloth Mouse

How To Make a Washcloth Mouse

folding washcloth animals

Washcloth Mouse

Supplies Needed to Fold a Washcloth Mouse



Decorations (whiskers, tail)

How To Fold a Washcloth Mouse

how to make a washcloth mouse

fold washcloth in half diagonally

Lay washcloth flat.  Fold in half diagonally.

washcloth origami

fold corners across straight edge

Fold one corner to center of folded edge, followed by opposite corner.

washcloth art

fold straight edge over once

Fold over long edge.

washcloth animal folding instructions

fold washcloth into equal halves.

Fold washcloth in half with previous folds on the outside.

how to fold a washcloth mouse

pull tips of the corners out from under the folded edge

Bring tips of each of the corners out from under the folded edge for ears.

towel animal folding instructions

hold mouse at center fold to keep it together while shaping ears

Shape the corner tips into ears.

washcloth origami

the mouse would work better with a thinner washcloth

Fold top part down flush with sides.

how to fold a washcloth into a mouse

use your fingers to shape the head and eye sockets

Secure with rubber band.  Shape ears, face, and eye spaces as desired.

towel mouse

finished washcloth mouse with pipecleaner tail

Add eyes.  If desired decorate with nose, whiskers and/or tail.

how to fold towel animals

Towel Squirrel

You can also use this mouse as the head to make a towel squirrel.

If you would like to know how to fold other towel animals, please visit My Cruise Stories Towel Animal Page.

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7 Responses to How To Fold a Washcloth Mouse

  1. Ralph says:

    I love your mouse LB. Well done ! 😀

  2. That is the only mouse I’d welcome in my house!

  3. Ruth Roberts says:


  4. Lucy says:

    Adorable! ❤ Great job! I also love to work with my hands, and create things from whatever I have around.

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