Five Days at Sea

sunshine and calm water in the middle of the ocean

the sea is all there is to see

For ages I wanted to take a transatlantic cruise,  I love cruises, but they just never seem to have enough sea days.  Besides having a longer cruise, crossing the ocean means more days at sea.  A ship can’t stop in ports every day from the middle of the ocean far from any land.  Time enough to see everything on board.   Or so I thought.  As it turns out, five days in a row at sea plus the other sea days on the voyage still did not give us time enough to try out everything the Breeze had to offer.

Carnival Breeze mini golf and ropes course

mini golf and ropes course

Of course when spending those five sea days in a row in flat calm seas under sunny skies with 80 degree days as we did, most of that time gets spent enjoying the outside areas of the ship….waterslides, serenity deck, ropes course, mini golf, fitness track – the list goes on.  Both inside and out the Breeze had many things to do.

adults only area on cruise ship

Serenity deck – where the kids can’t find you

Perhaps an ocean crossing in rough seas and stormy weather for five days might feel too long, or at least long enough, but who wouldn’t want more of beautiful sunrises and sunsets on a floating resort with so much entertainment when mother nature cooperates so well with the weather?

splash zone, water slides

waterworks has two slides and lots of things that spray water

Transatlantic cruises often come with bargain prices compared to round-trip cruises of a similar length.  After all, they often fall under the repositioning category where the ship needs to move from point A to point B.  Having people on board to help pay the cruiseline’s expenses in getting there translates to savings for the passengers.

teatime on a cruise

afternoon tea on Carnival Breeze

motion theater rides on a cruise ship

our favorite thrill theater ride was the bamboo roller coaster

More days at sea means more time to lounge around on deck, more time to try all the different eateries on board, and more time to discover the many things a ship has to offer.  In addition to all the places on board a person can go to entertain themselves, the crew provides entertainment as well.  With things like afternoon tea, art auctions, movies, stage shows, and games like trivia or scavenger hunts, the ship has something for everyone.  Not to mention nightclubs, parties, live bands and dance lessons among the many ways the crew has of entertaining passengers onboard.  We particularly enjoyed the Thrill Theater motion ride, and returned numerous times to see all the different movies,

Hasbro The Game Show on Carnival Breeze

Hasbro Connect 4 Basketball

This cruise even included several episodes of Hasbro The Game Show, one of Carnival’s Funship 2.0 upgrades.  Favorite childhood games grown to lifesize proportions, with opportunities for a few select passengers to play these former board games gone wild.  Anyone who missed the live performance can catch it later with onboard TV.

party bar on a ship

one of theoutside bars on the Lido

Of course the ship has shops, a casino, and a number of bars to help people part with their money – made easier by using the room key card for all onboard expenses.  Flash the card now and pay later, why keep track of what you spend when not counting out actual money?

cruise ship food

lunch at the C-Side BBQ

Sea days on the Breeze also mean the ever-popular and very tasty C-side Barbeque opens for lunch outside on the deck 5 lanai.  Passengers line up across the deck to access the delicious pulled pork sandwiches and other barbequed treats along with excellent side dishes.

sunrise over the north atlantic ocean

I took one of my entries while we crossed the Atlantic

Our transatlantic cruise even included a photo contest.  Every entry was a winner since each person got to keep the 8 x 10 photos made free for their entries.  The photo department on the ship always had the option for people to have large photos made, but not normally for free.  Since first price consisted of a larger photo yet, just getting back the entries really meant prizes for all.

We didn’t particularly care for the winning photo, which was just a footprint in the sand photoshopped to unrealistic colors,  but apparently the judges liked it.  The person who entered it must have as well.  Like anything that gets judged it is all subjective to a person’s opinion.  I once entered a double judged horse show that gave out two complete sets of ribbons – one from each judge.  I got first place from one judge and nothing at all from the other and they placed all the way down to eighth.

Bitter n Blanc Brioche Bread Pudding

Bitter and Blanc, dessert in the dining room mmmmm

After having a bit of rainy weather in some of our European ports, we felt quite lucky to have such a lovely crossing.  Not every transatlantic cruise fares as well.  Weather varies crossing oceans just as it does near land.  We had great weather in our Caribbean ports as well.

One day we woke up and found that towel animals had taken over.

towel animals take over

all the ship’s stateroom stewards made towel animals for the Lido deck

This cruise lasted just over two weeks, and we still wished we could stay onboard longer.

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6 Responses to Five Days at Sea

  1. lmjapan says:

    I’ve never been on a cruise before so this was very interesting to read. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Our Adventure in Croatia says:

    thanks for explaining what a transatlantic sea-crossing looks like. It never really appealed to me… just sea and more sea, what is there to do?? Now I understand what people find to do.

  3. cindy knoke says:

    Love transatlantics…..Love your blog! Thank you~

  4. Chris says:

    Were the movie rides magic motion machines? Those are fun. The rope thing looks interesting too.

    • The Thrill Theater movies were magic motion rides. They also sprayed water in time with wet things in the movie. We soon learned where the water sprayers were though so we could stick a foot on them at the appropriate time and avoid getting wet.

      The ropes course had two paths, an easy one and a more challenging one. You could cross back and forth at each platform choosing whichever you wanted for the next section.

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