Bars on the Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship

cruise ship at the dock

Carnival Breeze in Malaga, Spain

atrium bar at night

The Atrium Bar has a bandstand on top

I don’t get much first-hand experience in cruise ship bars (or any other bars for that matter) since I don’t drink.  The fact is though cruise ships have a lot of bars.  And a lot of passengers who like bars.  Some people cruise just for the bars.

Cruise ships have all sorts of passengers who like all sorts of different things.  They have bars or nightclubs to accommodate a wide variety of tastes so just about everyone can find at least one bar they like on a ship if they like bars.  Even as a non-drinker I found a bar to like on the Carnival Breeze.

Red Frog Pub lanai seating

The Red Frog Pub has outdoor seating on the lanai as well as indoor seating

I tried out the Red Frog Pub on deck 5, not for the liquor, but for the food.  They do make great food there.  The decor has a maritime theme, casual like the rest of the decor on the Breeze.  My son is quite the beer connoisseur (he even brews his own.)  He considered Red Frog’s own Thirsty Frog Beer the best beer on board Carnival ships.

Carnival Breeze Blue Iguana Tequila Bar

Blue Iguana Tequila Bar on the Lido Deck

Red Frog also serves Thirsty Frog beer on tap at the Red Frog rum bar up on the Lido Deck opposite the Blue Iguana tequila bar.  Blue Iguana sits next to the very tasty Blue Iguana Cantina, which features Mexican style food.  The Red Frog neighbors the ever popular Guy’s Burger Joint.  Both bars sometimes host late-night deck parties and are part of Carnival’s 2.0 upgrades.

Liquid Nightclub on Carnival Breee

Entrance to Liquid Nightclub

Other late-night entertainment includes the Piano Bar with live piano player, Liquid Nightclub, live DJ’s, live bands and karaoke, and of course those who want it can have drinks at the comedy club as well.  The comedy club hosts several different comedians within a one-week cruise.

bar in the library on a cruise ship

Carnival Breeze Library Bar

While most cruise ships have libraries, and they all have bars, the Breeze has something quite unique in their Library Bar.  The library stays open much longer on the Breeze than on ships with no bar in their library, so passengers who just want the books can appreciate the bar for making them more available.  It has wine-dispensing machines and a small non-crowded bar with bartender.

cruise ship bars

Bar at Ocean Plaza on Carnival Breeze

The atrium has a bar, as does Ocean Plaza with the Plaza Cafe & Bar.  Ocean Plaza  sometimes has live music and dancing and other times has trivia games or other entertainment.  You can also find the taste bar there.

bars everywhere on cruise ships

SportSquare Bar on Carnival Breeze

Even SportsSquare outside at the top of the ship has a bar.  It also has mini-golf, a ropes course, pool tables and foosball.  Down on the lower decks there’s a lobby bar near guest services and the shore excursion desk.

casino bar on Carnival Breeze

The more you drink the more you spend, the cruise ship is the winner at the casino bar

Many passengers on cruise ships enjoy the casino, and casinos always have bars.  Casinos everywhere love bars, the more people drink the more money they gamble.

Serenity deck bar on Carnival Breeze

You can escape from kids, but not from bars on the Serenity Deck

No cruise ship would be complete without a poolside bar, and the Breeze has that too at the stern on the Lido with the Tides pool & Bar.  The Serenity Deck, where adults can enjoy some child-free peace and quiet, has a bar too.

Carnival Breeze piano bar

Piano Bar

Like most cruise ships, on the Carnival Breeze wherever you are the nearest bar is not far.

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6 Responses to Bars on the Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship

  1. There is so much available on these cruises

  2. Thanks for letting me know that I can easily get three sheets to the wind in the middle of the ocean.

  3. Chris says:

    The Thirsty Frog was really the best of a poor selection. Not a bad lager but nothing really impressive. They have lots of wine choices but there was no craft beer to be found. There is lots of room for growth in the beer selection on cruise ships. Craft beer is becoming much more common everywhere though so I’m sure the selection on cruise ships will be better soon if not already. Did you look at the beer selection on your trans atlantic cruise? Since it started in Europe it may have some good Eurpoean beers on it.

  4. ella says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii cruising soonnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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