How to Fold a Towel Pigeon

how to make cruise ship towel animals

Towel Pigeon

How to Make a Towel Pigeon

Supplies Needed to Fold a Towel Pigeon

1. Bath Towel

2. Washcloth

3. Eyes and other desired decorations

Folding a Towel Pigeon

How to Make a Towel Pigeon Body

how to make a towel pigeon body

rolling up the towel hanging on a wall hook

Hang the center of one edge of the bath towel over a hook on the wall.

If you haven’t got any hooks on your wall you can tuck it under your chin to hold it instead.

Roll both edges of the towel as tightly as you possibly can.  The end at the hook should come out small and tight, and may even curl a bit.

The wide end will have some extra towel hanging out, which will eventually become wings.

Once the towel is completely rolled lay it on a flat surface rolled sides down.

folding a towel pigeon

rolled towel

Starting from the wide end, and with the unrolled bits hanging out to the sides, roll the towel sort of into a ball.

how to make a towel pigeon

roll tightly from the wide end

Tuck the narrow end in between the rolls while it still has enough unrolled for a head and neck.

folding a towel bird

tuck the narrow part between the rolls

Turn so the narrow bit sticks up and then bend the top down for the head.

making towel birds with

shape the tip into a head

How to Fold a Washcloth Pigeon Tail

Lay a washcloth out flat.

how to fold a washcloth pigeon tail

fold over one edge of the washcloth

Fold one side over an inch or so.  Fold the folded side again and again accordion style so it somewhat looks like the folds of a fan.

folding a washcloth into a bird tail

keep making folds back and forth until the entire washcloth gets folded

When the entire washcloth is a stack of folds, fold it in half in the middle so it totally looks like a fan.

folding a washcloth into a bird tail

fold the folded washcloth in the middle fan-style

Insert the folded end between the rolled folds on the backside of the pigeon body.

how to fold a towel bird

insert washcloth between towel rolls

Finishing the Towel Pigeon

how to fold cruise ship towel animals

finished towel pigeon decorated with googly eyes and pipe cleaner feet

Decorate as desired.  Mostly towel pigeons just get eyes.  Bits of paper, felt or other cloth, or googly eyes all work fine.  I rather liked the pipe cleaner feet I made for my penguin, so I made some for the pigeon as well.

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Feet for Towel Birds

pipe cleaner foot for towel birds

start by folding one end of a pipe cleaner

Fold one end of the pipe cleaner over onto itself.

how to make feet for towel birds

add a second fold the same length as the first

Make another fold where the doubled part ends.  Fold again at the same height as the first one.

making feet for towel birds

after adding the third fold it looks like a bird foot

Repeat for the other end.  If the three folded bits do not all end up the same size, re-adjust the folds slightly one way or the other until they come out even.  Or choose not to worry about it since the back end of the feet gets tucked under the bird anyway.

Next Towel Animal: Seal

not the easy seal found on cruise ships

towel seal

For instructions on how to fold all sorts of other towel animals click here or visit the towel animal page.

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10 Responses to How to Fold a Towel Pigeon

  1. BeWithUs says:

    Cute! Thank you for sharing~ Cheers!! 😀

  2. Chris Beath says:

    The rolled towel looks like a squid. Maybe if you got lazy you could just stop there and put eyes on it.

    • hahahaha, this from the guy who said my crab didn’t have enough legs. It does rather resemble a squid now that you mention it though.

      • Chris Beath says:

        If I remember right your crab had only eight legs. That would make at an archnid not a crustacean. There are no archnids in the ocean but there are some crustaceans on land. Potato or Sow bugs are not insects at all, they are crustaceans. Of course unless you’re talking to someone who really likes spiders or crabs most people wouldn’t know that anyway.

  3. If I ever need to fold a towel pigeon, now I feel fully prepared to do so. If you ever come across how to fold a towel sea lion, please publish that post. My friend Milton has gained weight and he thinks he’s starting to look like one.

  4. Chris Beath says:

    Squid have eight arms and two tentacles. The two tentacles are longer then the arms and used to grab prey and pull it in.

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