Cruise Ship Decor on the Norwegian Pearl

paint job on Norwegian Pearl

Norwegian Pearl displays strings of colored pearls in her hull art

The Norwegian Pearl, a beauty among cruise ships, has graced the banner of my blog pretty much since its very beginning. (The blog’s beginning that is, not the ship’s.) With most cruise ships decor refers mainly to the inside, but with Norwegian’s unique paint jobs for each ship, the decor begins long before ever setting foot on board.

Atrium on Norwegian Pearl

Pearl’s Crystal Atrium all decked out for Christmas

Brightly colored pearls (what else) painted on the outside make the Pearl stand out anywhere.  Once inside the ship, the decor stands out there as well.  From the ornate atrium to walls intricately adorned with decorations or murals to the whimsical carpets  – different for each area of the ship – there’s always something new to see while wandering about inside the Pearl.

birds with an embroidered look adorn walls near the theater

Wall near the entrance to the Stardust theater

cruise ship murals

mural at kid’s splash area

happy people on the restaurant walls

mural at Moderno Churrascaria Restaurant

whimsical cruise ship carpet

Churrascaria Restaurant has dance steps outlined on their carpet

coffee beans on the carpet - no they are the carpet

Coffee Bean Carpet at the Blue Lagoon 24-Hour Cafe

Some areas have all the bling passengers come to expect from cruise ships while other areas have cheerful colors, and yet others bring quite unexpected surprises such as beds in random places.

Norwegian Pearl has odd beds in random places

random bed in the Spinnaker Lounge

strange places on cruise ships

We called this area of the Bliss Ultra Lounge the “Pimp Room”

Pearl Decor Slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Passengers on the Pearl always know when they have left one area and entered another by the change of carpet and other decor.  The widely varying decor gives each area of the ship its own feel, whether elegant, casual, or a place to kick back and have fun.

Norwegian Pearl Pool

waterfall cascades from Sky High Bar to Tahitian Pool

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14 Responses to Cruise Ship Decor on the Norwegian Pearl

  1. It really is beautifully decorated. Love the waterfall into the Tahitian pool.

  2. sharechair says:

    Just got off the Jewel. I was also delighted with all the bright paint on the outside of the ship. Made walking on the Promenade very very nice!

  3. sayvan says:

    they are very creative in their decor!

  4. Hard to believe that all those restaurants, a theater and shops are on a boat. Cruise ships are like floating malls. Of course, in the back of my paranoid mind, I think constantly about the Titanic. I do enjoy your pictures very much; the pimp room in particular!

  5. Chris says:

    In the mural at the Moderno Churrascaria resturant it looks to me like two of the dancers are doing a little more then dancing in that mural. Just look closely at the girl in the short dress.

  6. wallcome bakkara says:

    I like it for ship Cruise because I like in the work to ship Cruise. Thank you so much

  7. Loving the dance steps on the carpet…that’s a new one for me. The random bed looks rather tempting too, particularly after a large dinner. 😉

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