The Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwich

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grilled cheese pizza sandwich cut into easy-to-eat small pieces

As they sometimes do, my son Chris and grandson Justin came for a visit.  Justin is about as picky of an eater as they come.  So picky in fact that when we took him on a cruise he couldn’t find anything he wanted to eat at the chocolate buffet.  Seriously, other than people with food problems that prevent them from eating chocolaty desserts, who couldn’t find more than they could possibly eat at a chocolate buffet?  (On our recent trip on the Norwegian Pearl the chocolate buffet even included sugar free and gluten free selections and random non-chocolate items, so they did their best to provide for just about everybody.)

it started out as a joke...

start with two pieces of leftover pizza

Anyway, back to the topic of this post, trying to feed Justin.  He likes very few things and of those will eat very little so he is an extremely hard kid to feed.  He does like plain cheese pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches though.  So one day in trying to come up with something for him to eat after he had turned down every suggestion I had, I said jokingly,  “How about a grilled cheese pizza sandwich?”

creative food ideas

add some extra cheese

In spite of the fact that we did indeed have cold cheese pizza in the refrigerator and sandwich fixins, this idea met a resounding NO from Justin, and nobody could ever convince him otherwise.

The more the rest of us thought about it the more viable the idea became.

“You wouldn’t even need bread,” Chris said.  “Just put the cheese side of two pieces of pizza together and grill the crust side.”

the grilled cheese pizza sandwich comes together

put the two pizza slices together and place it in a heated frying pan

“Add some extra cheese in the middle and butter the crust so it gets nice and crispy,” my husband John added.

need to get the cheese hot enough to melt

cover the pan while the sandwich cooks

Every idea still met with a firm no from Justin, who ended up just eating a banana, and very reluctantly at that.  He actually said he wished the banana would eat itself so he didn’t have to eat it.

maybe a bit too much butter

flip when one side gets toasted golden brown

I decided to give our strange new sandwich idea a shot though.  It actually turned out pretty good.  And if the pizza had toppings besides cheese on it, so much the better.  Instead of grilled cheese it would become a gourmet sandwich!

Considering pizza is usually pretty greasy anyway, it probably could have done without the butter, especially in a non-stick pan.

it's only like eating 2 pieces of pizza

whole grilled cheese pizza sandwich

Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwich


2 slices cheese pizza*

thin slices of an easy-to-melt cheese (I used havarti)

*for gourmet grilled pizza sandwich use pizza with toppings


Select a frying pan with a lid.  You need to hold the heat in all around the sandwich as it cooks to get the cheese in the middle to melt before the outside burns.

Heat the frying pan on medium heat.  It’s ready when a few drops of water thrown in the pan sizzle.

Put slices of extra cheese on one slice of pizza, top with other pizza slice cheese side down.

Grease heated frying pan with butter if desired and place pizza sandwich inside.  Cover with lid and cook until bottom side becomes golden brown.

Uncover frying pan and flip sandwich over.  Cook second side until golden brown and cheese in the middle gets melty.

Remove grilled cheese pizza sandwich from pan.  Leave whole or cut into smaller pieces for easier eating or to feed more people.  Serve as is, or add ketchup or other dipping sauce to the plate before serving.

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17 Responses to The Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwich

  1. That looks delicious. I want some, but my waist line does not….

  2. Since I’m severely lactose intolerant and my gastroenterologist will not let me anywhere near a tomato, that sandwich would be instant suicide for me — but it surprises me that a kid wouldn’t go near it. When I was a youngster with fully functioning guts that sandwich would have been culinary bliss.

  3. sharechair says:

    Wow… Justin sounds like quite a challenge! I laughed out loud at the “banana should eat itself”.

  4. Good golly, that is the fussiest I’ve ever heard! 🙂 Wishes the banana would eat itself – got to laugh 😀
    The sandwich sounds wonderful – going to try it the next time I have leftover pizza around.

  5. SuperSquids77 says:

    That sandwich sounds like 100% awesomeness!

  6. That sandwich is 100% awesomeness!

  7. Chris says:

    It sounded good while we talked about it but looks even better in the pan. I will have to make it myself some time.

  8. aidaweb101 says:

    Awesome idea!Good on ya guys!:)

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