Nothing to Eat at the Chocolate Buffet

photo by Chris Beath

Norwegian Sun

We had good meals on the Norwegian Sun.  On the one-week cruise I took with my son and grandson, they served lobster twice.  The ship had all sorts of different eateries, but since a number of them cost extra we pretty much stuck with the dining room or the buffet. Chris did try the sushi and said it was well worth the nominal fee.  Justin had either pizza or a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner every night.  If anyone could starve on a cruise ship full of food, he could.  So much to choose from, and the picky six-year-old wouldn’t try hardly anything. He insisted he didn’t like it without even giving it a chance.

One thing I did notice though, was that while we had a lot of tasty dessert choices each meal, none of them were ever chocolate.  I wondered what was up with that until finally the daily events paper mentioned a late-night chocolate buffet.  This we must attend, Chris and I agreed.  Justin didn’t seem so thrilled about it, but really, what’s not to love about a whole room full of chocolate choices in every cake, cookie, pie, mousse, or pudding type imaginable.  Even Justin could find something he liked there.

We waited in a bit of a line to get in, Justin grumbling about not wanting to go.  Once through the door, they had three rows of tables piled high with chocolate goodies of every shape and variety.  Another passenger said all three lines had the same things, so we grabbed plates and went down one of the ones on the side.  As Chris and I filled our plates, we kept offering Justin things, while he said no to everything.  Finally I just put some things like chocolate pudding on his plate that I know he likes, and a few things that looked like the sort of thing he would eat such as chocolate rice krispie cookies.

chocolate buffet cartoon

“There’s nothing to eat at the Chocolate Buffet.”

After we got to the end of the line and Justin still had said no to everything, we found out the tortes and fancy cakes were all in the middle line, just the outer two were the same.  I figured I had more on my plate already than I could ever eat and decided to skip those no matter how good they looked (and they did look good.)  Chris found a couple things to try there, and Justin still said no to everything.  We figured once we sat down he’d at least eat the pudding.

We found an open table, which was not easy as the room had quite a crowd.  Justin refused to eat anything, I suppose just to be stubborn since he said he didn’t want to go to the chocolate buffet in the first place.  Then we noticed a table with a crewmember behind it, serving ice cream.  We took Justin there to see what they had.  Surprisingly enough, since this was after all a chocolate buffet, they had strawberry or vanilla.  No chocolate ice cream at all, although they did have things like m&m’s or chocolate sprinkles people could put on top.

Justin settled for a bowl of strawberry ice cream, and did actually eat that.  I can’t imagine anyone else going to a chocolate buffet and eating nothing but strawberry ice cream.  Justin is one of a kind.  (I do realize there are people who can’t eat chocolate, but what are the odds they would actually go to a chocolate buffet?)

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6 Responses to Nothing to Eat at the Chocolate Buffet

  1. Mmmm…chocolate buffet…..

  2. Mitzie Mee says:

    Lucky for Justin that there was strawberry ice cream. Love the drawing:)

  3. sayvan says:

    I always love the chocolate buffet on a cruise but afterward… not so much!

  4. Chris says:

    That buffet was awesome. The only bad thing about all the chocolate in one buffet is there is no way to eat everything in one sitting. They need to spread the chocolate around so more can be eaten. I made a good attempt to eat everything at once though.

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