Chocoholic Buffet on the Norwegian Pearl

chocolatebuffet on Norwegian Pearl

Welcome to the Chocoholic Buffet

Chocolate Buffet on the Norwegian Pearl

On the second to the last night of our Caribbean cruise on the Norwegian Pearl, the Garden Café transformed into the Chocoholic Buffet.  Decorated with ice sculptures and a candlelit feel in the lighting, the stations normally serving meals held all manner of sweet, mostly chocolate things.

cruise ship dessert buffet

mmmm, which one do I want?

Fancily decorated apples and puddings sat along the edges in front of the cakes, cookies, and other chocolaty goodies.  One whole station held tasty-looking sugar free treats.  Nearby stood a selection of gluten free sweets.  Diet-restricted chocoholics have a chance of finding something tasty to devour at this delicious dessert buffet.

sugar free goodies at Norwegian Pearl chocoholic buffet

sugar free treats

cruise ship chocolate buffet chocolate fountain

chocolate fountain

Even non-chocolate dessert lovers would find something to eat.  Here and there between the various chocolate cakes, brownies, and other scrumptious treats sometimes things like pistachio blondies or strawberry cakes appeared.  The ice cream counter offered a number of flavors, chocolate or not.  The ice cream station also had a working chocolate fountain,  used to dip kabobs of marshmallows or fruit per passenger’s request.

Norwegian Pearl chocolate buffet

fruit kabobs for the chocolate fountain

Walking around the buffet area, taking samples of this or that, a person’s plate fills very quickly.  Long before making the complete rounds to see what all this scrumptious buffet has to offer, full plates mean time to sit down and munch your way to chocolate bliss.

cruise ship dessert buffet offers more than sweets

spirits at Norwegian Pearl Chocoholic Buffet

This chocolate buffet included a selection of spirits….and some spirited people!

cruise ship passengers have fun

passengers dancing joyfully at the chocoholic buffet

We always look forward to the chocolate or dessert buffet each cruise.  Ships make such delectable desserts and this buffet offers the chance to try many all at one time.  A trip to the gym or walking track may be necessary the next day to work off the extra poundage, but it’s worth it and nice to know the ships do provide facilities for working off all the wonderful food they serve.  We also tend to get lots of exercise by taking stairs everywhere and shunning the elevators even when coming into a lower floor from a tender and having to walk 10 flights or more up.  It might take several times up and down the entire staircase to work off a dessert buffet, but the fantastic treats they serve are worth it!

chocoholic buffet cake

fancy cake at the chocoholic buffet

so many good things at chocolate buffet

too much good stuff

ice sculpture

ice horse

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7 Responses to Chocoholic Buffet on the Norwegian Pearl

  1. Yum. Fabulous presentations.

  2. Oh my word. You have just made me soooo hungry! That looks quite spectacular.

  3. megtraveling says:

    I would have never left there… 🙂

  4. Chris Beath says:

    Were the spirits free? I didn’t even know Godiva made any spirits. I might have to see if I can find that.

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