Red Frog Pub on Carnival Breeze

cruise ship cusine made to order

RedFrog Pub on Carnival Breeze

Most Carnival Passengers sailing on ships with the Funship 2.0 Upgrades are familiar with the RedFrog Rum Bar on the Lido deck.  Perhaps one of the best kept secrets on Carnival Breeze could lie on deck 5 inside the RedFrog Pub.

food at the RedFrog Pub

Conch Fritters

Food of all sorts abounds on cruise ships.  There’s something for everyone, and most of it quite tasty.  It does all have one thing in common though – it’s made in mass quantities to feed a large number of passengers.  Here’s where the RedFrog Pub differs.  The RedFrog Pub makes every food item they serve to order.  Just like most restaurants on land, they cook each plate of food individually only when someone orders it.  This means the food arrives at the table fresh and hot straight from the pub’s own kitchen.

Where do fish fingers come from since they have no hands?

Grouper Fingers

Sadly, the very nominal fee of about $3 per item probably deters those passengers who don’t want to pay extra for any food from tasting some of the best food the ship has to offer.  One or two of these items, sold as appetizers, makes enough food to serve as a meal to the average person.

if you haven't tried this sauce, you're missing out

hot wings with the best rum barbeque sauce ever

The RedFrog Pub makes their own homemade sauces served with some food items.  The coconut shrimp comes with an excellent pina colada sauce, and they serve hot wings with a rum barbeque sauce to die for.  The tasty sauce is not hot so it helps temper the spicy wings while adding excellent flavor.  The RedFrog even makes their own tartar sauce.

mmm,mmm good

icky sticky coconut cake: sticky yes, but far from icky – it’s yummy

The Pub Grub menu includes a pulled pork sandwich, beef sliders, curried chicken pockets, grouper fingers (who knew fish had fingers) and a couple of conch dishes.  We did not care for the conch, but loved everything else we tasted there.  For dessert they serve a wonderfully delicious sticky coconut cake that costs even less than their other food items and comes with optional ice cream.  The menu calls it icky sticky coconut cake, but we found nothing whatsoever icky about it.  Delicious!

cruise ship bar with good eats

RedFrog Pub inside entrance

The ambiance epitomizes the Caribbean casual decor of the ship, but with a nautical theme.  The pub has entrances both from inside on deck 5 and from outside on the lanai that runs completely around the ship on that deck.  The lanai area just outside the door of the RedFrog Pub includes some outdoor seating.

outdoor seating at Carnival Breeze RedFrog Pub

On the Lanai Just Outside of the RedFrog Pub

The friendly staff insures their patrons have a good time.  Sometimes they get snappy with their camera and you find yourself staring back at you from the video screen at the bar.

Bar in the RedFrog Pub

the video screens behind the bar don’t always show the RedFrog

beef slider burgers

sliders at the RedFrog Pub

RedFrog Pub food

curried chicken pockets

most items on this menu are well worth the nominal fee

Pub Grub Menu

mmm mmm good

Coconut Shrimp with wonderful Pina Colada sauce

more Pub Grub

conch salad

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9 Responses to Red Frog Pub on Carnival Breeze

  1. Yum, now that looks like a fantastic ship pub. Definitely going to have to get round to making those millions so I can go on one of these cruises 🙂

    • You don’t actually need millions to go on a cruise. You can find some really cheap cruises on the internet, especially if you don’t mind an inside cabin. The airfare would probably cost you more than the cruise unless you booked a suite.

  2. sharechair says:

    This looks really nice. Love the food pictures. I have never traveled on Carnival… just Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Norwegian. I feel like I should settle down and pick one cruise line so I can start getting some perks! 🙂

    • I feel just the opposite – I need to branch out to more different cruise lines so I can write about them! It always comes down to who has the lowest price for where I want to go though. I hope to eventually sail on all of them enough to get perks everywhere. Got a long way to go for that.

  3. Chris says:

    What about the beer? It was a bar.

  4. If only this pub was on land … The food looks very tasty indeed!

  5. Jean says:

    Do you know what the yummy little complimentary appetizer/bar nut type thing is they serve? They were delicious but I didn’t think to ask.

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