Things to Do on Holland America Veendam

Holland America Veendam

Veendam in Costa Maya, Mexico

Cruise ships vary greatly in size as well as in options of things to do onboard. While some of the bigger ships have things like waterslides, rock climbing walls, flow riders, or even ziplines, skating rinks, or racetracks, smaller ships without those adornments have things to do as well. When choosing a ship to cruise on it always helps to plan according to who is cruising with you and what they like to do. For instance when cruising with the grandkids we always pick a ship with things like waterslides, but when they are not along we often pay more attention to the destinations than the ship’s amenities.

Veendam hot tub

hot tub and pool on the Veendam

Holland America’s Veendam is a smaller, quieter ship. It often has great destinations which is why I’ve sailed on it twice – once on a Canada/New England cruise and more recently on a Caribbean cruise with a port stop in Cuba. Both of these were 7-day cruises with lots of port stops, but even on short port-heavy cruises there’s always some time at sea to enjoy what the ship has to offer.

cruise ship pool

the main pool on the Veendam has a retractable roof

The Veendam has two swimming pools and several hot tubs. Other ways for guests to amuse themselves include a giant chess set, ping pong tables, a giant connect 4 game, a tennis court, and a basketball court. There’s also lots of deck chairs for people to relax in.

giant chess on a cruise ship

giant chess set

The ship has plenty of things to do indoors as well. Of course it has bars and a casino. They also have daily movies in one of the onboard theaters, and a long list of movies available that people can have brought to their cabin at no charge. There are board games and puzzles in the Explorations Café, and afternoon tea served daily in the dining room.

cooking demonstration

America’s Test Kitchen demonstration on Holland America Veendam

While all ships have activities scheduled daily, the smaller ones without as many ways for people to amuse themselves rely more on activities and schedule accordingly. Besides the usual things like trivia and other contests, Holland America’s ships have Digital Workshop computer classes sponsored by Microsoft and cooking demonstrations by America’s Test Kitchen. Some of their other special activities include BBC Earth experiences, O Oprah the Magazine activities, and Explorations Central lectures.

Veendam bar

bars on the Veendam

There’s something for everyone with fitness classes at the gym as well as yoga and morning stretch exercise classes. There’s also lectures and port talks, bridge games, bingo games, and of course nightly shows in the main theatre. Other evening entertainment includes the music walk, with several centrally located bars featuring nightly music.

Veendam basketball court

basketball court on the Veendam

Veendam also has places where people can sit near a window and read, play cards, or just enjoy the view. The promenade deck goes all the way around the ship for outdoor walks, though jogging is not allowed on this ship’s promenade – probably due to there being staterooms on the promenade deck with direct outside access.

cruise ship theater

main theater on the Veendam

As with all ships, the amount of activities people want to join is completely up to them. Kind of like the amount they want to eat, because on a cruise ship food is always plentiful.

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4 Responses to Things to Do on Holland America Veendam

  1. frejatravels says:

    Nice:) One day… I would love to try longer cruise – but for now I need to work out of my seasickness first:)

    • Did you know that pirates wore an earring to prevent seasickness? The queasy ones had a piercing at an acupuncture point. They didn’t always find the right spot on the first try so some of them had multiple piercings. I hope you find something that works out for you. It’s hard to predict in advance which sailings will be smooth and calm the entire way and which ones might hit bad weather.

      • frejatravels says:

        aha… interesting:) thanks… for the info. It is true, difficult to predict. When we were in Galapagos a couple years back, it said the cruise would be nice and smooth, unfortunately on the third days, I got sea sick. I hear that docter can put something behind the ears, but I haven’t try that. I tried the band on both arm and usually I took a seasickness pills.

        • The patch that they put behind the ear works for some people, but for others it can give you a really dry mouth or even be disorienting if you are really affected by it. I tried it once when we were on a small boat and by the end of the day hardly knew who or where I was so it was definitely not for me. Luckily I have not had any problems on cruise ships. If the arm bands you use are the pressure point kind, there is an updated version now with an electric pulse that works even better.

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