How to Fold a Towel Swan Heart

How to Make a Towel Swan Heart

kissing towel swans

towel swan heart

To make a towel swan heart you need to make two towel swans and place them together so that their heads and necks form the shape of a heart. Click here for detailed instructions on how to fold individual towel swans with or without their wings spread.

Supplies Needed to make a Towel Swan Heart

4 bath towels or 2 bath towels and 2 hand towels


Towel Swan Folding Instructions

For more detailed instructions click here

The video shows two swans with wings spread and uses 4 bath towels. You can also make the swans without their wings spread, which takes 2 bath towels and 2 hand towels. If you don’t have enough bath towels, but still want wings you can use hand towels and just make smaller wings. Click the link above for more detailed instructions on making individual swans with or without wings.

the key to a good towel animal is to have tight rolls

roll as tightly as you can

To make the main body for each swan fold a bath towel in half across the short side. Tuck the center point under your chin, hang it on a hook, or have someone hold it as in the video. Roll both sides to the center as tightly as you can. Notice in the video how the steward runs his hands down the length of the towel as he rolls it to make the rolls tight.

towel swan heart

set the two swans chest to chest, at a point where their beaks reach the same height

Pose each swan chest to chest with their beaks at even height. Bend their necks back and place their heads with the beaks touching to form the heart shape. Finish off the bodies by tucking in the tail ends to a point and adding the wings or for swans without wings spread tuck a hand towel around the body as shown here. To make the wings fold a towel accordion style, set it over the swan and arrange the wings as desired.

towel swan heart

these swans have googly eyes, but felt or paper works too

Finish off the swan heart by adding eyes to each swan. Use googly eyes or make your own eyes from felt or paper, using double stick tape to hold them in place. (Felt or paper eyes will somewhat stay on their own without the tape.)

towel swan heart with wings spread

the wings on these swans are made with hand towels

For instructions on how to fold other towel animals see My Cruise Stories towel animal page.

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  1. Just in time for Valentine and Winter Olympics!

  2. Chimène says:

    That’s a cute art. I will attempt to do it!

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