How to Fold Towel Swans

How to Make a Towel Swan

towel swans

towel swans with and without wings spread

Needed to Make Towel Swans

Towel swan

2 bath towels or 1 bath towel and 1 hand towel


Towel Swan Folding Instructions


Fold one bath towel in half across the center the short way.

towel origami

towel folded in half with first fold for next step on one side

the art of towel folding

fold over one end, then fold back and forth making same size fold each time until entire towel resembles the pleats of an accordion







Make accordion style folds from end to end starting from one of the sides adjacent to the first fold.

making a towel swan

fold in half at the center

starting a towel swan

hang or tuck center of one long side

Fold in half and set aside.

the key to a good towel animal is to have tight rolls

roll as tightly as you can

Tuck the second bath towel under your chin at the center of one edge of the long side or hang it on peg. Make sure the peak is at the very center.

Tightly roll both edges from the center of one long side simultaneously. Go up and down the rolls and keep tightening them as you roll so it is as tight as possible from end to end.

making a towel swan

form the head and neck from the narrow end

Set the towel down on the wide end. Bend the narrow part into an S shape.

towel swan

shape the back end into a tail

Tuck one towel end under the other at the back end of the wide part and shape so it looks like a swan tail. You could add eyes at this point and have a complete swan made from just one towel if you wanted to. Or keep following the steps for a swan with wings spread.

winged towel swan

tuck the center fold of the wings into the lower curve of the S

Set the previously folded wing towel on top of the body and tuck in between neck and body.

towel swan

finished towel swan

Spread out the wings and pose as desired. Lean the neck on the wings and pose head. Finish swan by adding eyes.

Swan Without Spread Wings

towel swan

towel swan without wings

To make a swan without its wings spread start with a bath towel. Tuck the center of one long edge under your chin or hang from a peg and follow the same directions above for making the swan body.

towel origami

lay the hand towel over the body

Set the towel down on the wide end with the neck high. The back part of the towel is the middle of the swan’s body on this one rather than the tail.

making a swan tail

form the back end of the hand towel into the tail

Tuck one short end of the hand towel around the front of the body and lay the rest of it out over the body. Tuck the edges around the sides. Fold over one corner of the back end and the fold the other side under so it comes to a point. Shape into a swan tail and position as desired. There’s no specific right or wrong way to fold the tail, just fold the corners under and make it look like one.

folding a towel swan

shape and pose as desired, then add eyes

Shape the neck and head as desired and add eyes. Eyes can be made from felt or paper or use googly eyes. Double stick tape comes in very useful for keeping eyes on towel animals.

towel swans

finished towel swans

For instructions on how to turn two swans into a heart click here.

For lots of other towel animals see My Cruise Stories Towel Animal Page.

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