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Carnival Magic

Magic in Puerto Rico

Like all large cruise ships, Carnival Magic has an array of staterooms to choose from when booking a cruise on the ship. Major categories include inside, oceanview, or balcony cabins as well as suites. There’s also a number of subcategories within each of these divisions. Prices on identical cabins can range by where the cabin is located since some locations are given higher category designations than others. In general cabins on higher decks or closer to the middle of the ship cost more than the same cabin on a lower deck or closer to the bow or stern.

odd shaped cabin

Premium Balcony cabin in aft corner has wraparound balcony and unusual shape

While most cabins are of standard size and shape for their category designation, there’s always exceptions with odd shaped rooms sometimes found near corners or tucked into odd hallways.

odd shaped cabins

the extra-large curved accessible ocean view spa cabin sits in a front corner of the ship

More space is usually allotted to the accessible rooms of any category in order for people in wheelchairs to have space to navigate about the room.

budget cruise ship cabin

inside upper lower cabin – top bunk drops down from ceiling

For budget cruisers, inside cabins have the lowest price. Not all inside cabins are equal though for even there the accessible cabins are bigger and the ones designated as upper lower may be smaller as well as cheaper.

interior cabin sleeps 4

inside cabin sleeps 4

Some inside cabins hold just two people and others with drop-down bunks up to 4. Some cabins designated as inside have portholes or partially obstructed windows. This adds a bit to the cost, but they are still lower priced than cabins designated as oceanview. For those who would like spa services or the thermal suite, an interior spa cabin may cost more than other interior cabins, but it’s still the lowest priced option in the spa cabin area and comes with the same amenities that other spa cabins do.

ocean view cabin

standard ocean view cabins are rare on the Magic

Oceanview cabins are a great way to have a view without paying balcony prices. These are often larger cabins since the space otherwise occupied by a balcony is interior space in the cabin. Most oceanview cabins are on decks too low for balconies, but some are found tucked into spaces in other areas of the ship where balconies can’t go.

ocean view cabin

deluxe ocean view cabin sleeps 4

According to the pricing scale cruise lines consider lower decks less desirable, but they have their advantages. Lower deck rooms are closer to things like the gangway and the dining room. When in a crowd leaving places like the theater most other people go up while those on the lower decks go down thus avoiding the crowd on the stairway.

in-line bunks in 5-person cruise ship cabin

deluxe ocean view cabin for 5 has two bunks in a row

The Magic has just a few standard oceanview cabins and a lot of deluxe oceanview. Besides coming with a higher price, the deluxe oceanview cabins have an extra bathroom containing a tub/shower and a sink. Some of these cabins sleep up to 5 passengers.

veranda cabin

balcony cabin

Balcony cabins provide a bit of private outdoor space. Deck 2 has some cabins with cove balconies, which besides costing a bit less than balconies on higher decks, also have a view closer to the waterline.

cove balcony

the cove balcony has a metal surround

These balconies are surrounded in metal with a large window-like opening and have water-tight doors that may be sealed in stormy weather just as the portholes in the porthole rooms are.

premium balcony

just part of the premium wrap-around balcony

For extra money passengers can choose aft extended balconies, spa balconies or the premium vista wrap-around balconies in the aft corners.

suite on Carnival Magic

ocean suite

Suites come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. Besides more space, suites also come with VIP check-in. People who are high enough in Carnival’s loyalty program get VIP check-in too, so this is an advantage only to newer cruisers booking suites since long-time Carnival cruisers would get the VIP check-in anyway. The basic suite price covers the ocean suite, which has a whirlpool tub, walk-in closet, and larger balcony than a regular balcony room as well as the room itself being bigger.

grand suite bathroom

bathroom in the grand suite has double sinks and whirlpool tub

Spa suites add the same advantages as other spa cabins, which includes discounts on spa services and use of the thermal suite as well as spa products in the room. Grand suites are the biggest and most expensive rooms on the ship with extra-large balconies and a dressing area sectioned off from the rest of the room.

grand suite

grand suites are the biggest staterooms on the ship

All cabins have a diagram of the ship on inside of the door which gives the location of the muster station for that room as well as primary and secondary routes for getting there. The muster station is where people would go in case of emergency. They also go there for the muster drill, which takes place shortly before the ship leaves the dock so people know where to go and how to get there should an emergency happen during their cruise.

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