Cruise Ship Décor on P&O Arcadia

fancy cruise ship lights

lights in Arcadia’s dining room

P&O Arcadia is unique among P&O’s fleet. At the start of building, the ship was intended for Holland America. Somewhere along they way it got changed to Cunard before finally ending up going to P&O by the time it left the shipyard. It has features representative of all 3 cruise lines.

cruise ship decor

wooden sculpture in the Crow’s Nest Lounge.

Each bar, lounge, restaurant, or other area of the ship has its own unique décor.

cruise ship art

stairway art

Some décor features help passengers to find their way around the ship such as different color carpet and different styles of artwork on each of the ship’s 3 stairways. Arcadia is P&O’s 4th largest ship and one of their adults only vessels.

cruise ship art

hallway art by passenger cabins

Each deck is named after a different country. The hallways by passenger cabins don’t have a lot of decoration, but every now and then there’s a painting from the country that deck is named after. At least most of the paintings are from the deck’s country. Canada deck does have one labeled Alaska. Maybe Brits don’t realize Alaska is part of the USA any more than Australians do. My daughter lives in Australia and said most of the people she’s met have no idea. Then again a lot of Americans don’t know Tasmania belongs to Australia.

ugly cruise ship statues

What is the thing with cruise ships and ugly statues? (These are a lot better than what some ships have on display, but that isn’t saying much.)

Most of the ship is tastefully decorated, but it does have a complement of what seems to be the required ugly statues. I don’t suppose it is an official requirement, but nearly every cruise ship has some. At least I think they are ugly. I suppose someone must like them or they wouldn’t be there.

P&O timeline and ship info

history lesson in wall art

One unique and interesting thing this ship had that I’ve not seen on any other was a large mural with the history of P&O and information about each of their ships.

cruise ship theater

inside the theater

Inside the theater.

giant egg

giant egg in a little alcove by the lower floor theater entrance

The lowest floor of the theater had some semi-secret hallway entrances graced by giant eggs that many passengers probably never found.

long hallway

intermezzo area

The Intermezzo Bar sat alongside a long hallway leading to the Spinnaker Bar, which had a completely different theme.

ship bell

bell by the Spinnaker Bar

The ship themed Spinnaker Bar had model ships and a bell.

cruise ship bar

East Bar

The Asian themed East Bar is tucked away on the top deck near the Sindhu Indian restaurant.

cruise ship decor

Sindhu Indian restaurant

Sindhu is one of Arcadia’s premium restaurants.

thermal suite

heated ceramic chairs in the spa

These awesome heated ceramic chairs are part of the spa’s thermal suite. If you’ve never sat in one take the spa tour on boarding day if you ever sail on a ship that has them and give one a try. It’s amazing how comfortable a hard tile chair can be.

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4 Responses to Cruise Ship Décor on P&O Arcadia

  1. Aquileana says:

    Looks definitely stunning!. Happy weekend 😀

  2. biscutram says:

    Wow I’m feeling happy 😁

  3. Clare Grainger says:

    We love The Arcadia. Have just come back from one of her world cruise legs. Being Sydney to Shanghai and loved ever minute on board. Especially loved the theatre , the evening dinners and the pool. Wonderful memorable trip. ThAnk you P&O

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