How to Fold Towel Ducks

how to fold a towel duck family

towel ducks

How to Make Towel Ducks

Supplies Needed for Making Towel Ducks

Bath Towel – for large duck

Hand Towel – for small duck

Washcloth – for duckling


Towel Duck Folding Instructions

If you want to make a large duck, use a bath towel. If you want to make a small duck use a hand towel. All steps are the same for both sizes.

towel duck step 1

fold corners of long side into a triangle

Lay towel out flat. Fold over top corners along the long side of the towel making a triangular tip.

towel duck step 2

roll both sides to the middle from the folded edges

Roll both sides in as tightly as you can from the pointed tip along the folded sides.

towel duck folding

roll both sides to the center as tightly as you can

Tuck the loose ends in between the rolls on the wide end.

towel duck step 3

tuck the loose ends between the folds

Set towel with rolls down and shape wide end to look like the back end of a duck.

towel duck folding step 4

shape the wide end to look like the tail end of a duck

If you have rolled your towel nice and tight like a cruise ship stateroom steward, fold the narrow end back over the top of the duck body into a S shape for the neck and head and pose as desired.

Of course not everyone is able to roll their towels tightly like the stewards do. I broke my arm at the elbow joint a couple years ago and have a bit of nerve damage down into the fingers. Things could have been a lot worse since it healed better than expected and nobody else notices the arm is not quite normal. There are however some things I can no longer do and rolling towels tightly is one of them. Thus the necessity for other ways of making animals, which are also useful for anyone who is not an expert towel folder.

cheater tips for poor towel folders

if the duck head and neck don’t stay put flatten them with a book

If you are unable to roll the towel tight enough for the neck and head to stay posed, fold them back into an S shape and put a heavy book on top. Leave book for several hours to overnight and the head and neck will stay up when you remove the book.

making a towel duck

the neck needs to curve back a bit to hold up the head

Once the head and neck are posed, place eyes on the head. Use google eyes if you have some, if not make eyes from felt or paper. If the eyes do not stay on their own use double stick tape to keep them in place.

Towel Duckling Folding Instructions

washcloth animal folding

fold edge over to turn a square into a rectangle

Lay washcloth out flat. Fold bottom edge of washcloth up 2 or 3 inches to make a rectangle instead of a square.

folding a washcloth into a duckling

fold corners down into a triangle same as with duck towels

Fold down the top corners and continue following the same instructions used for the larger ducks.

making towel ducks

towel ducks

For more towel animal folding instructions visit My Cruise Stories Towel Animal Page.

how to fold a towel duck

towel duck

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7 Responses to How to Fold Towel Ducks

  1. Cute! gotta try these and see if it’s all it’s quacked-up to be 😉 🙂 ♥ ❤

  2. Sorry to hear that your arm didn’t fully heal following that horrible mishap, but I’m glad that you found an inspired way to flatten a towel duck’s head and neck with a Harry Potter tome. J.K. Rowling’s latest HP story is a monster hit on the London stage. Eventually, it might cross the pond to Broadway: Maybe you could take a cruise to NYC?

  3. Ralph says:

    These ducks are a lot of fun LB. I am sure kids would love them 😀 ❤

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