How to Fold a Towel Squid

how to make a towel squid

Towel Squid

When I posted the blog about how to fold a towel pigeon, I got a comment from my son (the very same person who had said my towel crab needed more legs) saying one of the partially folded photos looked like a squid and that I should do a blog on how to make a towel squid.  So here it is, from pigeon to squid.

How to fold a towel pigeon

partly folded pigeon body resembles a squid

Supplies Needed for Towel Squid Folding

1.  Hand Towel

2. Wash Cloth

3. Eyes and any other desired embellishments

Instructions for Folding a Towel Squid

Find the center of one long edge of the hand towel.  Hang it on a hook on the wall, or if no hook is available or you just prefer to do it that way, tuck it under your chin.

getting ready to roll a towel into a squid

whether you hang the towel from a hook or tuck it under your chin, the key is to get the ends rolled tightly

Tightly roll both edges to the center.  While you want your hands near the top pointy end for birds to get that end good and tight, for the squid it is better to hold the bottom end.  You need the bottom end tight for it to hold its shape, and you don’t want the top end to curl, as it does when very tight (which is desirable for birds, but not squids.)

making a towel into a squid

hold near the lower end of the towel while rolling it for a squid

Set the rolled towel down with the rolls underneath the towel.  Fold the bottom edge up just a bit to help it hold its shape and to make the legs a tad longer.

how to fold a towel into a squid

both sides of towel rolled together, this side with the rolls goes underneath

Lay the washcloth out flat.  Start from one corner and roll until you reach the opposite corner.

towel squid folding instructions

roll the washcloth from corner to corner

Bend washcloth into a U shape and insert bent side under the folded edge of the squid body between the other two legs.

squid towel animal

bend the washcloth like a horseshoe

Now it has 4 legs instead of 2, which is still not as many as a real squid, but since this squid lies flat we will just imagine the other legs are hidden underneath where we can’t see them.  Or roll two more wash cloths and add more legs.

making washcloth legs for a towel squid

tuck the bent end of the washcloth under the squid body to add more legs

Decorate squid as desired.  I tried humanizing it by adding a nose and mouth as well as eyes, but since real squids do not have that sort of face I liked mine better with just the eyes.

decorating a squid towel animal

finished towel squid with face

My Cruise Stories has a whole series on towel animal folding with instructions for making all sorts of other towel animals.

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4 Responses to How to Fold a Towel Squid

  1. Ralph says:

    What a happy squid !! ❤

  2. Chris says:

    Do it with beach towels and release the Kraken!

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