Mystic Mountain – Ocho Rios, Jamaica

cruise ship view from sky explorer tram

Norwegian Pearl photo taken from the tram at Mystic Mountain

Mystic Mountain

Sometimes you save money doing things on your own rather than booking shore excursions through the cruise ship and sometimes you don’t.  We intended to make our own way to Mystic Mountain to ride the Jamaican Bobsled Roller Coaster when the Norwegian Pearl docked in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  We did not book the excursion in advance on the ship thinking that we would save a significant amount of money if we got there on our own.

Mystic Mountain, Ocho Rios Jamaica

Scenery on the trail to the Sky Explorer tram

After disembarking the ship we found someone from Mystic Mountain operating tours from the cruise ship dock.  Our options included booking directly with them, booking through the ship (which we could do right there at the dock) or walking to the attraction and buying the tickets there.  Booking through the ship saved a few dollars over booking the tour directly through Mystic Mountain.  Both included transportation there and back.  Walking would only save the bus fare, which was $10 on Mystic Mountain’s tour or slightly less through the ship.  They said the walk would take about 45 minutes.  The distance the bus traveled before arriving seemed closer to a 20 minute walk, although that is just a guess.  Either way it would not be worth the pittance saved, especially considering sections of the road had nowhere for people to walk.

rainforest trail

Bridge on the trail to the tram

Mystic Mountain offers several options.  Guests board the Sky Explorer tram at the bottom of the mountain.  It’s not optional as it provides transportation to the other attractions at the top of the mountain.  Most people buy a ticket that includes a ride on the Jamaican Bobsled Roller Coaster as well as the Sky Explorer.  Once at the top people can buy additional rides on the bobsled in increments of 2, 3, or 5 rides, with 5 the best deal on the price.  Anyone who did not have an initial ride ticket when they came up can purchase the 5 ride ticket at the top.  The other option is a zip line.  Mystic Mountain also has a Tranopy tour that includes all three – Sky Explorer, bobsled, and zip line.

rainforest canopy zip line

zip line platform at Mystic Mountain

Cruise ships may offer combinations that include the bobsled ride and a visit to Dunn’s River Falls.  If the ship doesn’t offer the Tranopy option, passengers wishing to do that can book it online or with the tour guide at the dock.  We would have liked to try the zip line, but opted to skip it because we found the cost more than we cared to spend.

Mystic Mountain Sky Explorer Tram

Sky Explorer Tram

After disembarking the bus at the Mystic Mountain entrance, we stopped at a nearby building where employees fitted everyone with wristbands indicating which attractions they had paid for.  A short scenic trail through flowering plants and over a bridge near a small waterfall led us to the lower tram station.

arriving at the top of Mystic Mountain

approaching the upper tram station

The ride on the Sky Explorer takes a bit of time and offers several views of the ships in port along the way.  A splash of purple flowers adorned the top of one tree we passed, probably one of the sort of rain forest plants that live in the trees rather than part of the tree itself.  Here and there along the forest floor large red blooms reached skyward toward the light.  The tram covered quite a distance, all of it quite scenic whether traveling through the rainforest or high enough above it for ocean views.

Mystic Mountain, Ocho Rios Jamaica

At the top of Mystic Mountain

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

There’s lots to see and do on Mystic Mountain

The top of the mountain has other attractions in addition to the bobsled and zip line.  People can spend as much time as they like in the free attractions.  These include a hummingbird garden, butterfly garden, and the infinity pool.

Jamacian Bobsled roller coaster

View from Infinity Pool, with Bobsled and slide

The pool has a waterslide as well as an awesome view of the cruise ship docks and close-up view of the Jamaican Bobsled Roller Coaster Ride.  The mountaintop also has a restaurant and some shops.

riding on the Jamacian Bobsled roller coaster

Jamaican Bobsled roller coaster runs through the rainforest

The bobsled, inspired by the Jamaican bobsled team that once competed in the winter Olympics, doesn’t actually slide down a mountain of snow.  This Jamaican Bobsled Roller Coaster Ride runs through the jungle on a roller coaster style track.  Unlike traditional roller coasters, the sled driver can control their speed on the track.  Riders may opt to go alone or to hook two or more sleds together, with the front person controlling the speed for the entire group.

We had a great time at Mystic Mountain.  Everything flowed smoothly even with two ships in port that day.  The lines never got too long for the bobsled or the sky explorer.  People enjoyed the pool and slide, but neither had a crowd.

Jamaican Bobsled roller coaster through the rainforest

Jamaican Bobsled roller coaster ride, woo-hoo!

We enjoyed our initial ride on the bobsled enough to buy a 5 ride ticket so we could ride it some more.  They do allow more than one person to share rides on the same 5-ride ticket.  Sharing that cost less than buying separate 2 or 3 ride tickets.

Mystic Mountain hummingbird garden

hummingbird at Mystic Mountain

We also spent some time taking photos in the hummingbird garden.  Much as we would have liked to stay at Mystic Mountain longer, we had paid to see the area’s most popular attraction – Dunn’s River Falls – as well.  We had to take the tram back down the mountain while we still had time to go there.  We didn’t have time to see the butterfly garden, though we did see a butterfly with the hummingbirds.  If we had the chance to do it over we would spend our whole time in port at Ocho Rios enjoying all that Mystic Mountain has to offer and skip Dunn’s River Falls.

butterfly at Mystic Mountain

Butterfly in the Hummingbird Garden

big spider in a bigger web

spiders hanging from a palm tree

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13 Responses to Mystic Mountain – Ocho Rios, Jamaica

  1. sharechair says:

    Looks like a fun day! However…. roller coasters are not my friend, and this one looks like it could be quite scary. Kudos to you for fully enjoying your adventure!

    • One benefit this roller coaster had that I’ve not seen before is the speed control. If it scared you, you could slow down! I took the first run slow to get video footage of the front of the coaster and track that wasn’t blurry, but we just moved and I can’t find that video camera so we had to use different footage that my husband took. I thought it was more fun at top speed, as in the video shown. I really need to get one of those go-pro video cameras.

    • Dennis Cox says:

      Been there – done that. Looks can be deceiving – what looks like a wild ride is really enjoyable – that is from one who doesn’t like roller coasters very much either

  2. cindy knoke says:

    These last two photos are stunners!!! Kudos~

  3. Chris Beath says:

    I like the spider pictures. I got a few interesting spider pictures on our last camping trip too. I also would have done the roller coaster at full speed. What happens if you don’t slow down when you get to the slow sign?

    • If you did not slow down the guy working there would probably start yelling at you. Maybe he even has some sort of brake he can pull if people don’t comply, who knows? Just past the slowdown point the coaster hooks into the track that brings you back up to the top where you started and then you have no control over the speed any more. It goes up a lot slower then it goes down.

  4. Great post. Fantastic photos

  5. Wow, what a beautiful area. Would love to do all of the attraction bits but especially that bobsled rollercoaster. Looks fantastic. Could do without the spiders though 🙂

  6. You definitely need a go pro! I love those bobsleds though, they are great fun. I did one in NZ without the track. Aaron won’t ride such things with me though because I have a tendency to drive crazily and almost hit trees (in everything but a car..)

  7. Glad I finally made it over here. I love this post and especially — ESPECIALLY — the video! I am impressed that the videographer kept such a tight grip on the camera. That must not have been easy. That looks like a blast. I never put much thought into cruise ship passengers stepping off the ship and doing anything on land until I started following your site. I figured that what people primarily did on cruise ships was eat.

    Also, great hummingbird and buttlerfly pictures sparing me from having to find a copy of National Geographic.

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