Carnival Breeze Ship Decor

Carnival Breeze cruise ship

The aft deck has several groupings of wicker furniture with red umbrellas

Most cruise ships portray an image of opulent elegance in the majority of their interior decorating.  The brand new Carnival Breeze has a whole new look.  Now that it is in America, it home ports in Miami for Caribbean cruises.  So it is only fitting that the decor on most of the ship sports a Caribbean casual look.

Carnival Breeze lido deck lights

lido deck lights

Some of the lights onboard, like the ones in the Lido Marketplace Buffet area, are designed so the light they cast resembles sunlight filtering through palm trees.  The seating area has a very beachy look complete with umbrellas and trees.

lido deck decor

Lido deck eating area

Up one floor from the main Lido Deck, the Cucina del Capitano pasta restaurant has a look of old world Italy.

cruise ship decor on Carnival Breeze

light at the main entrance to Cucina del Capitano

The hallways between passenger cabins have a variety of scenes from a Caribbean island paradise.  Even the doors have a new look about them.

Carnival Breeze decor

door to passenger cabin

The atrium has a much more casual look than most ships.  It has a bandstand on top of the bar, and colorful floating lanterns in the open area by the glass elevators.  The open area is smaller than on most vessels.

decor on Carnival Breezr cruise ship

atrium on Carnival Breeze

The colorful lanterns look quite different when viewed from above, below, or beside them.

Carnival Breeze atrium lights

looking down at the atrium lights

decor on Carnival Breee cruise ship

atrium lights looking up

Carnival Breeze decor

atrium lights from about the middle

The Ocean Plaza area on deck 5 has a casual inviting look.  People enjoy hanging out there for things like trivia contests, dance lessons, and music from bands.

ocean plaza on Carnival Breeze

Ocean Plaza area on deck 5

The Ovation Theater also has a more casual look than the main theater on most ships.  It has a design repeated throughout the carpet, curtain, and even the lights on the walls.

decor on Carnival Breeze

Ovation Theater curtain

I think it is supposed to be some sort of flower, but it makes me think of brooms.  The sort witches ride in stories like Harry Potter.  I heard other people commenting that it reminded them of upside down bells.

Carnival Breeze cruise ship decor

Lights on the walls in the Ovation Theater. The ceiling has some of the same shape lights.

The open and inviting look of most of the ship carries though to the full service sushi bar.  Sushi here comes with a bit of extra cost.

full service sushi bar on a cruise ship

Bonsai Sushi Bar on Carnival Breeze

The main dining rooms manage to maintain an elegant, yet relaxed look without the ornate scrollwork normally adorning the walls in formal cruise ship restaurants.

cruise ship decor, Carnival Breeze

Sapphire Restaurant

cuise ship decor

Blush Restaurant

The casual elegance continues in the decor of the Fahrenheit 555 steak house.  This extra charge restaurant also includes an open galley where guests can watch the chef cook their meal.

a new style of casual elegance in cruise ship decor

Fahrenheit 555 steak house

The Red Frog Pub decor is the epitomy of Caribbean casual with palm trees and nautical adornments of all sorts.  It serves great food too, hot fresh and made to order for a very nominal fee.  The Red Frog Pub sits on deck 5, not to be confused with the Red Frog Rum Bar on the Lido.

caribbean casual decor in the pub

Red Frog Pub

Deck 5 also has a lanai which runs around the whole outside of the ship.  On sea days, Fat Jimmy’s BBQ serves excellent pulled pork sandwiches and other barbeque fare under the yellow umbrellas.  No extra fee there.

cruise ship decor, outside lanai

port side of the lanai on deck 5

Kids need their space even on vacation.  On the Breeze the teens will find it in Club O2 with a dance floor where the lights change color.

teen club on Carnival Breeze

dance floor in Club O2 changes colors

The spa uses pastel colors in soothing shades to help with the relaxed atmosphere.

cruise ship spa

Carnival Breeze Spa

Outside in the Sport Square area on top of the ship bright colors emphasize fun.

fun things to do on Carnival Breeze

Sport square has pool and foosball tables and mini golf

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9 Responses to Carnival Breeze Ship Decor

  1. Wow! Can’t wait to eventually go on this ship. Looks amazing!

  2. Our Adventure in Croatia says:

    never been on those huge cruise ships, but this looks definitely more “contemporary” and toned down look than others I have seen on tv and brochures with lots of shiny, glitzy, blingy interiors…

  3. You did a great job showing the decor of the Carnival Breeze. It was fun working with you and enjoying the ship. FYI, I’m the partner/husband to the brilliant writer of My Cruise Stories. I also write and have been putting some images and reviews up at my site,

  4. Chris says:

    There is a mark V helmet in that red frog pub picture. I did the sushi on the Norwegian cruise and it was well worth the extra money for it. I ate a ton of sushi that meal.

  5. Dee blackmon says:

    The Breeze is a beautiful ship! Was on it this past March. I liked the decor much better than other Carnival ships. Loved the way the stateroom doors were decorated. Ocean plaza and the Red Frog Pub are great places. We went to the Thrill Theater and saw all the movie clips there, awesome! Never felt crowded on deck or in any of the venues. The Lanai was awesome, our stateroom was one deck above it. Butch the CD is awesome! Dancing fool that man is!

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