How to Make a Towel Bear

cruise ship towel bear

Towel Bear in Carnival Liberty’s Hot & Cool Dance Club

Supplies Needed to Make  Towel Bear

1. One Bath Towel

2. One Hand Towel

3. Eyes (bits of felt or paper or googly eyes)

4. Any other desired decorations – tongue, claws, etc.

How to Fold a Towel Bear

How to Fold the Towel Bear Body

towel origami

roll both ends of bath towel to center

The bear takes the standard body, same as the turtle, pig, or many other towel animals.  Lay the bath towel out flat and roll both ends to the center from the short sides.

how to make a towel bear

fold towel in half, rolls to the outside and pull tip ends out of each roll

Fold towel in half with the rolls to the outside.  Pull the tips out of the end of each roll.  I didn’t get a good picture of this step folding the bear, so I stole borrowed a photo from the cat.

towel art

take the tips of one roll in one hand, and the other roll in the other hand

Grasp the two tips that are the ends of one roll in one hand and the two tips that are the ends of the other roll in the other hand.

how to fold cruise ship towel animals

pull all 4 tips at once until the rolls pull out into the 4 legs of an animal body

Pull all four simultaneously until the rolled towel becomes four legs and a body.

How to Fold the Towel Bear Head

how to fold cruise ship towel animals

fold hand towel in half crosswise

Fold hand towel in half across the short side.

how to make a towel bear

fold in half again

Fold in half again.

towel art

with finger holding down edge, fold corners of towel down the middle

Hold center down with a finger and fold each side down like a triangle.

towel origami

flip towel over so folded parts of triangles are on the underside

Flip towel to other side and fold the center point over.

how to fold a towel bear

fold down center point of triangle

  1. Pick towel up and invert while folding in half.
how to fold a towel bear

pick towel up and fold in half while inverting

Shape nose and ears as desired.

towel origami

shape features as desired

How to Assemble a Towel Bear

how to fold a towel bear

place head between leg rolls of body

Place head between leg rolls of body.

towel art

bring arm rolls together and pull bear up into sitting position

Bring body up into sitting position.  Position legs as desired.

towel art

position and decorate as desired

Decorate with eyes and any other embellishments.

I used small googly eyes, bits of pipe cleaner for claws, and felt for the tongue on this bear.

bear made from hand towel

one towel teddy bear

If you are looking for instructions on how to fold a one-towel teddy bear, click here.

towel origami

Easy Towel Bear

For an Easy Towel Bear click here.

Although the bear is the last animal from the Carnival Liberty series, I still have more animals to come.  Next up is the penguin, inspired by a penguin Rosario, our steward on the Norwegian Pearl, folded for us.

penguin inspired by Norwegian Pearl towel penguin

my towel penguin

For instructions on how to fold a variety of other towel animals, click here for the towel animal page.

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11 Responses to How to Make a Towel Bear

  1. I so love your folded towel animals. They are unbelievably clever

  2. Chris says:

    Many years ago I got a calendar for Christmas. It was a paper airplane a day for a year. The first month or so was easy enough but as the planes got more complicated my planes started looking worse. I still have the calendar upstairs, maybe I will bring it with me next time and you can put your folding skills to use on planes. Justin would have fun with that. He had fun with the simple to fold planes until they got too complicated for us to fold right.

    • I suppose the ultimate measure of a paper airplane is in how well it flies. As with paper airplanes, so it is with towel animals in that some are definitely easier to make than others. Maybe the penguin will work for you when I post that one. It was pretty easy to make. Even easier in all one color, I added an extra washcloth to the original design to make the white front.

  3. This is like towel origami. You seem to do it very well. Your animal towels should be on display. I take the Oscar Madison approach, and just throw them over a bar and forget about them.

    • Umm, well, now that you mention it, I do tend to have towel animals on display in the bedrooms of my house – until I need that color towel to fold a different animal that is. (I had to kill the bear to make the penguin for the next towel animal blog.) I have some nice new towels for animal folding. The ones we actually use – not so much.

  4. jgann22 says:

    This is so stinking cute! My daughter would love this!

  5. I’m putting one in the shower when my wife gets home from the gym tonight…

  6. I like your towel animals better because they have eyes and stuff and aren’t just white. I hope that when I come to visit, I will find a towel animal on my bed….

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