One Towel Teddy Bear

I’ve got a lot of hits on my towel bear blog recently, and I think what people are actually looking for is this towel teddy bear, so to give people what they want, here it is. This is not my creation and the video is in Spanish because it came from what I am guessing is the creator of the one towel teddy bear.

one towel teddy bear

towel teddy bear

Supplies Needed To Make Towel Teddy Bear

1 hand towel

rubber bands


any other desired decorations like eyes, nose, tongue

How To Fold A Towel Teddy Bear

Towel Teddy Bear Video – It’s not English, but the movements are easy to follow even if you don’t know the words

Towel Teddy Bear Folding Instructions

how to fold a towel bear

fold over one third of the towel from a short end

Lay towel out flat. Fold over 1/3 of the towel from a short end.

how to fold a towel teddy bear

roll one side, then the other to the center

making a towel teddy bear

both sides rolled to the center

Roll each side to the center on the long sides.

step by step towel teddy bear folding instructions

towel flipped over so the rolls are on the underside

Turn towel over so the rolled end is underneath.

towel teddy bear folding instructions

twist the towel so the end with the original fold has the rolls facing upward

Twist the end with the folded edge halfway around so the rolls on that end are on top. These are the legs.

step by step towel teddy bear folding

fold over the end of the towel that had the rolls still facing down so that they are facing up on top of the other rolls that were already turned up when the towel was twisted

Fold over the other end across the short side and put the rolled ends on either side of the other rolls. These are the arms so you do not want them all the way down to the end of the legs.

teddy bear towel

push the arms off to the sides and unroll any part of the towel that remains rolled so no rolls are left on top the leg portion of the towel

Push the arms off to the sides of the bear. Unroll top edge above the arm part so there are no rolls left over top of the leg rolls, just smooth towel between the arms.

making a towel bear

gather in the sides of the towel above the arms and put a rubber band on it to make the head

Gather in the neck area and place a large rubber band around it.

teddy bear towel

small rubber bands around he upper edges make ears and a ribbon finishes the teddy bear

Use small rubber bands to turn the side rolls on the head part into ears.

teddy bear towel

finished per the video

In the video she puts an additional large rubber band around the neck before tying on the ribbon, but I’m not sure what the purpose of that was as it does not seem necessary. I ran the ribbon over the front of the neck and wrapped it around rather than just setting it across the back and tying it over the front for better rubber band coverage and did not use the extra rubber band on the neck.

bear made from hand towel

one towel teddy bear

It’s done per the video once you tie the ribbon on, but I added googly eyes and a black felt nose. A little double-stick tape holds the face on. I like it better with a face, but it’s optional.

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5 Responses to One Towel Teddy Bear

  1. awwwe… Had to share and gotta try this super-cute teddy tutorial πŸ™‚ πŸ’œ ❀

  2. Ralph says:

    Very clever. I love it πŸ˜€ ❀

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