How to Fold a Towel Cat

cruise ship towel cat

Towel Kitty Catches a Mouse

Supplies Needed to Make a Towel Cat

1. Bath Towel

2. Hand Towel

3. Washcloth

4. Decorations desired: eyes, nose, whiskers, collar, etc.  Bits of paper, cloth, or felt work for eyes and nose.  Pipe cleaners or stiff strings make good whiskers.  Googly eyes always work too if you have them.

How To Fold a Towel Cat

How to Make a Towel Cat Body

Use the bath towel for the body.  The cat takes the standard towel animal body, same as the dog, pig, and many other animals.

how to fold cruise ship towel animals

roll both ends of towel to middle from short sides

Roll both ends of the bath towel to the center from the short ends.

Fold in half, with the rolls to the outside.

towel origami

fold towel in half and pull tips out of the ends of each roll

Pull the tips out of the end of each roll.

how to fold a towel cat

pull the tips at both ends until the rolled towel pulls into a body with 4 legs

Pull on the tips of all four rolls until the towel pulls out into a body with four legs.

making a towel cat

standard towel animal body

how to fold a towel kitty

cat body flipped over

How to Make a Towel Cat Head

how to make a towel cat

hang hand towel from peg

Use the hand towel to make the cat’s head.  Hang the center of one long side of the towel from a peg on the wall, or tuck it under your chin.

how to fold a towel cat head

tightly roll both sides to the center at the same time

Roll both sides tightly to the center so that the part on the peg becomes a point.

how to fold cruise ship towel animals

cross the end bits leaving the length you want the ears sticking out

Cross the ends of the towel at the wide end so that as much sticks out on either side as you want the length of the cat’s ears to be.

folding a hand towel into a cat head

roll from wide end, rolls to outside and ears out of the roll

Roll starting from the wide end, with the flat part to the inside and the rolled part to the outside.

towel cat head

tuck the end tip in between the rolls

Tuck the tip in between the rolls and shape the ears as desired.

How to Make a Washcloth Cat Tail

washcloth cat tail folding instructions

pin corner of washcloth down with finger and roll from closest end

Pin down one corner of the washcloth with a finger.

washcloth cat tail folding directions

keep rolling until the entire washcloth is rolled

While holding that corner down, roll from the adjacent corner and keep rolling until the entire washcloth becomes one roll with a wide end and a pointy end.

How to Assemble the Towel Cat

Place the head on top of the front legs, positioning head and legs as desired.

step-by-step towel cat folding instructions

tuck tail under roll over back legs

Tuck tail under middle of roll where the back legs are and position as desired,

how to make a cruise ship towel cat

finished towel kitty

Add eyes and any other embellishments you want, such as nose and whiskers.

For instructions on how to fold other towel animals click here.

how to fold cruise ship towel animals

towel dinosaur trying to sneak out with our luggage

Next animal in this towel animal folding series: dinosaur

My Cruise Stories Towel Animal Page has photos linked to instructions on how to fold every towel animal featured in the towel animal series on this blog.

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  1. I like your towel cat better than the cruise ship’s….

  2. Serena says:

    So cute!

  3. Maria says:

    Aaaaa!!! Loveee!!!Bravo!!!

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