How to Fold a Towel Bear

towel origami

towel bear on Carnival Vista

Supplies Needed to Make a Towel Bear

1 Bath towel

1 Hand towel

Eyes – eyes can be paper, felt, googly eyes, or whatever you have that works

Use white towels to make a polar bear, black towels to make a black bear, or brown towels to make a grizzly bear.

How to Fold a Towel Bear Body

towel art

fold over long sides of towel, then fold over short ends

Lay the bath towel out flat. Fold both long sides over several inches. Fold over ends of both short sides.

towel animal folding

rolling both short ends to the center

Roll both short ends to center.

towel bear folding directions

after rolling both ends to the center fold at the middle with these rolls on the outside

Fold rolled towel in half with rolls to the outside.

making a towel bear

set the folded towel bear body with one roll on top of the other

Set folded towel with one roll on top the other. Set aside and make the bear’s head.

How to Make a Towel Bear Head

making a towel bear

fold the hand towel in half short way across the center

Lay the hand towel out flat. Fold in half short way across center.

making towel animals

fold down corners from center of folded end

From the center of the folded edge, fold corners to center making two triangles on a towel with a pointed end.

flip towel over so folds are underneath, then turn up straight end

Turn towel over so folds are on underside then fold over straight edge.

making a towel bear

fold the straight end over two more times

Roll folded straight edge 2 more times for a total of three folds on that end. At this point it should have the point sticking out beyond the rolls and the folds from the edges of the triangle folds that were turned to the underside sticking up at the back of the roll.

step by step towel animal folding

fold at the center with the rolled part on the outside

Fold in half at center with roll to the outside to form head.

Assembling the Towel Bear

towel bear

assembled towel bear

Place head into center of folded body. Close body over the neck and position as desired.

easy towel bear

finished towel polar bear

Add eyes and any other desired decorations to finish the bear.

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