Cruise Ship Cabins on Celebrity Constellation

Celebrity Constellation

Cabin choices on Celebrity Constellation include the usual selection of inside cabins, ocean view cabins, balcony cabins, and suites. Among those major categories there are some variations, especially in the suites. Each category has some accessible cabins, which tend to be the largest ones in any given type. Fully accessible cabins also have lowered vanity, raised toilet, roll-in shower, grab bars, and if they are balcony cabins, an accessible balcony. When booking sometimes there is a category guarantee option, which costs less than choosing a specific cabin and also has the possibility of getting an upgrade if the category you chose books full. The downside of that is since you aren’t choosing your own cabin it may not end up in your preferred location.

inside cabin

Inside cabins are the least expensive so they are always popular with budget conscious cruisers. People who like to sleep in the daytime without being bothered by outside light prefer these cabins too since there is no outside light other than a bit of hallway lighting from the crack under the door. The inside cabin we had on the Infinity felt bigger than the balcony cabin we had on Constellation, possibly because the mirrored backwall made it seem larger than it actually was. These cabins are generally 170 square feet, but if you look over the deck plans some are larger. Especially accessible ones which are up to 347 square feet.

oceanview cabin

Ocean View cabins have a standard size of 170 square feet, though some are larger. They sleep from 2-5 people. Most are located on lower decks with round porthole type windows. There are a few on upper decks, at the front of decks 6, 8, & 9. Some of these are the deluxe ocean view cabins with larger rooms.

family veranda cabin

Veranda cabins come in a variety of options. Family veranda staterooms are the biggest at 382-461 square feet and sleep up to 5 people. These cabins have extra-large balconies. The regular veranda sleep 2-4 people.

deluxe balcony cabin with oversized balcony

There are a few deluxe veranda cabins toward the bow of deck 6 that have oversized balconies. There are some deluxe and sunset veranda staterooms at the back of decks 7, 8, & 9 that also have extra large balconies. Standard balcony cabin size is 170 – 208 square feet.

concierge class

Concierge class accommodations come with access to concierges who can help guests with their vacation plans whether that is booking things onboard like spa treatments or specialty restaurants, or excursions for the port stops. Rooms are 251 square feet and have verandas. There’s a special embarkation day lunch just for people booking these rooms.


AquaClass guests have their own private dining room, Blu, which serves healthy style meals. AquaClass accommodations come with access to the Persian Garden thermal suite and a spa concierge in case they want to set up any spa appointments.

aquaclass sky suite

Aquaclass cabins are 271 square feet and all have verandas. These rooms include premium bath products, massaging showerheads, and complimentary fitness classes. Aquaclass sky suites receive both aquaclass and suite amenities.

Celebrity suite

The top tier of rooms is the suite class, called The Retreat, although that name is for the amenities that are included with suites rather than an actual place on the ship. Suite guests have their own restaurant called Luminae, serving upscale food. They also have a private lounge called Michael’s Club, and a private sundeck.

royal suite

There’s a retreat host and concierges as well as stateroom stewards to tend to their every need. The rooms include premium bath products and other amenities. Sky suites are 311 square feet (accessible 423), with a large veranda. Celebrity suites are 587 square feet with separate bedroom and a dining table for 4. The royal suites are bigger yet and have fancy doors.

penthouse suite

The largest suites of all are the penthouse suites at 1432 square feet with a back deck wraparound balcony of 1098 square feet.

door to a penthouse suite

The whole back of deck 6 is taken up by just two penthouse suites. The floors in the hallways by these suites look like marble rather than the usual carpet, though the doors are not as fancy as the ones on the nearby royal suites. Guests in these suites have private butlers. Amenities include complimentary premium beverage packages, unlimited premium dining, complimentary mini-bar stocked daily, and many other things. Furnishings include a baby grand piano.

royal suite door

On our cruise the front section of cabins on deck 7 was closed off with authorized personnel only sign on the door barring entry from the elevator and stairway landing, something new that wasn’t needed in the past but is now – the covid isolation ward! Luckily there were very few covid cases on our cruise so most of those cabins sat empty. Most of the cases onboard are asymptomatic crew who only know they have it because of routine testing rather than people who are feeling sick, though they do ask that anyone who does have symptoms get tested right away so they can be isolated too.

covid isolation ward – do not enter

Whatever cabin guests choose, they are all clean, comfortable, and attended to daily by a stateroom steward who cleans the cabin and replaces used towels twice daily.

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    What an amazing number of choices – great information and post!

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