Halloween on a Cruise Ship

witch on Carnival Vista

Sailing on a holiday often means activities specific to that day and food you won’t otherwise see on the menu. Major holidays also bring decorations around the ship.

blow-up dog on the Vista

For Halloween blow-up decorations are popular – after all ships have limited space to store things they aren’t using and these store flat, but then blow up into large objects. Most are stationary, but some have moving features.

pumpkin coach on the Explorer

We’ve spent Halloween on cruise ships a couple times, once on Carnival Vista and once on Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas.

pirates on the Vista

Vista had blow-up decorations all over the ship.

blow-up decorations by the ice rink on the Explorer

Explorer mainly had them around the ice skating arena.

Explorer photo desk

The photo desk on the Explorer of the Seas sat next to the doors to the ice arena and it too had some decorations.

Explorer’s haunted skating rink


A blow-up outhouse on the Explorer of the seas had some animation with a working door, which a blow-up pumpkin opened, snickering. The mummy inside was not so happy.

a ghost haunted the photo shop on the Vista

Not all the decorations were blown up. Like the photo shop on Explorer, Vista’s photo shop was also haunted by a hanging ghoul. Spider webs all over the displays added another element of creepiness.

decorated cabin doors on the Vista

Sometimes passengers get into the spirit of Halloween with their own door decorations.

pumpkin carving on the Vista

Halloween activities on a ship might include things like pumpkin carving, costume contests, a Halloween party, or games. The ship’s kid’s clubs arrange activities for the little ones like their own parties or trick-or-treating at the ship’s shops.

even the dog dressed up for Halloween

Some people like to dress up, like these people heading to dinner on the Vista.

ghostly goodies and chocolate death for Halloween dessert on Carnival Vista

Halloween menus are likely to contain things like pumpkin soup and special desserts.

blow up pumpkin on the Vista

Happy Halloween!

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6 Responses to Halloween on a Cruise Ship

  1. Meg says:

    This looks like fun – nice pictures too!

  2. Anna says:

    That looks like a lot of fun. I would totally love to participate in some of those Halloween activities and dress up! I have never been on a cruise during a holiday, this year was supposed to be my first during Easter, but I would love to go on one. It looks great.

    • Halloween is a fun holiday for cruises. They do a lot more for Halloween than for Valentines Day or Mothers Day, which are the other two holidays I’ve sailed on. December cruises come with lots of decorations, but I haven’t actually been on the ship for Christmas yet.

  3. Admin says:

    Missing those times 👍

  4. Ruth Roberts says:

    It does add to the fun of the cruise with all the decorations.

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