Halloween on a Cruise Ship

Halloween cruise

Halloween decorations in the Atrium started with a witch – more came later

Cruising over a holiday doesn’t mean missing out on celebrations. Holidays give the ships a reason to vary from their everyday events, add extra activities, and do something different and special. Halloween came during the Vista’s transatlantic crossing so that trip included special holiday things.

Halloween on a cruise ship

some passengers go all out decorating their cabin doors

Some passengers like to decorate their cabin doors. Some will decorate every cruise whether to make their cabin easier to find, to identify them as part of a group, or just because they like to. On holiday cruises more people decorate doors than on other cruises. Mostly with decorations for the holiday, in this case for Halloween. Doors sprouted witches, ghosts, pumpkins, and other Halloween favorites all around the ship. One of the best had a giant spider in a web woven from decorative Halloween webbing.

cruise ship on Halloween

there were blow-up decorations all around the ship

Unfortunately in the immediate area of our cabin several people had their door decorations stolen, so our particular hallway was a bit bare, but decorated doors reigned elsewhere. One person we knew on a different deck did say someone took the magnets off her decorations so she had to tape them to the door instead. It’s really a shame some people haven’t got enough respect for other passengers to leave their things alone.

holiday on a cruise

blow-up decoration in a public hallway

For the most part the passengers decorated early. As Halloween approached the crew began to place Halloween decorations around the ship. Giant blow-up Halloween things of all varieties gathered in atrium, hallways of public decks, and other public areas.

dressing up for Halloween

costumed passengers entering the dining room

On Halloween the ship had a variety of activities. Lots of passengers dressed in costumes. Some all day, others just for specific activities. There was a Halloween party and trick or treating for the kids on board. Lots of people came to dinner in costume.

pumpkin soup

pumpkin soup – perfect for Halloween dinner

The dinner menu didn’t change much from the regular offerings, though they did have pumpkin soup included in the appetizers. That might be for the best since Halloween dishes could tend toward gross and disgusting things people might rather not eat.

cruise ship Halloween desserts

Halloween desserts

The regular dessert menu was gone for the evening and special Halloween desserts served instead with the plates all decorated for the holiday.

Halloween fun on a cruise ship

pumpkin carving

The day’s Halloween fun activities included  pumpkin carving on the Lido and Halloween trivia. Evening brought several Halloween themed movies on the outdoor screen as well as a Halloween dance party, costume parade, and costume contest.

Halloween decorations

witch in the atrium

Overall there’s more going on for Halloween in a day at sea than on land for most people.

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