Carnival Breeze Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse

Carnival cruise ship

Carnival Breeze

Most cruise ships have premium restaurants where passengers can have special food different from what is served in the dining room or buffet if they are willing to pay the fee. These fees can range from next to nothing to quite a lot depending on the ship and the restaurant. Carnival Breeze has 4. At the Red Frog Pub the Pub Grub is cooked fresh right there and costs just $3.33 per food item or $2.22 for their very delicious icky sticky coconut cake. Their food includes things like grouper (fish) fingers, pulled pork or beef sliders, and coconut shrimp among other things. The Breeze also has Cucina del Capitano, an Italian restaurant with a free pasta bar at lunch and fancier Italian food for $15 per person at dinner and a sushi place where sushi can be purchased in varying quantities. The premium upscale restaurant on the Breeze is their steakhouse, Fahrenheit 555.

upscale dining

Steakhouse Menu

Passengers can choose one of the steakhouse meats on the dinner menu in the dining room for $20, or they can book a table at Fahrenheit 555 and have the whole steakhouse experience for $35.

not my thing

the raw lobster and caviar thing

The waiter comes by with a display of the meats offered for dinner and talks a bit about how each is cooked. The meal includes 4 courses, an appetizer, salad, main, and dessert. Before the appetizer you order comes they bring an extra unexpected little morsel out for people to try. They gave John tomato soup and me some sort of raw lobster and caviar thing so we traded because I don’t eat anything raw that didn’t come from a plant. The soup tasted quite good and he liked the seafood thing.

fancy cruise food

spinach and bacon salad with surprise mushroom center

For appetizers I had lobster bisque and he had French onion soup. The lobster bisque was the sort where the bowl starts out with bits of things and no liquid and the waiter pours the soup around it. The onion soup came in a fancy bowl on a stand and was different from what the main dining room serves. For salad we both had the baby spinach, which has mushrooms hidden in the center of the spinach pile and a bit of bacon on top.

fancy lobster

lobster dinner in the steakhouse

We chose lobster tails for our main course. They come halved and stacked on top of their garlic mashed potatoes. Menu options include a selection of lots of side dishes people can add to their meal. We ordered some not realizing the lobster came with potatoes and ended up with way too much food.

try several desserts

Chocolate Sampler

For dessert he got the chocolate sampler, 4 little pots of different fancy little chocolate desserts. I had the cheesecake, which was delicious, but far too big to eat the whole thing even though the waiter called my gigantic slice a small piece.

a giant tiny piece


The food at the steakhouse tasted quite good and they also provide an enjoyable dining experience.

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6 Responses to Carnival Breeze Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse

  1. That lobster looked like it was scrumptious, but salted wood might look scrumptious to me right now, Lois, because I ate a very light dinner tonight.

    • Everything we had there was delicious. Can’t say that I would eat salted wood ever, no matter how hungry I was. Driftwood on a beach would be a smorgasbord for anyone who liked it though.

  2. Lyn says:

    Hi LB. My turn to ask a question. My friend is doing an Alaska cruise next month and would like to know if it is possible to organise on shore excursions herself. The prices for the ones organised by the ship seem to be very expensive. Thanks Lyn

    • You can do things on your own or do tours through outside sources. If you google it you can find places to pre-book tours without going through the ship. Some of the tours are pretty pricey no matter whether you go through the ship or not though. A lot of the ships stop in Ketchikan and there is a big visitor center right at the cruise dock where you can arrange last minute tours. The Ketchikan duck ride is pretty reasonably priced and you can get tickets on the ship or off. There are lots of shops near the pier and it’s a short walk to the famous Creek Street and Dolly’s House. If they go to Sitka there should be people with signs for various tours at the tender pier. We had specifically wanted to go to Fortress of the Bear and checked ahead of time to see if there would be a bus, which there was. It was through an outside source so it would be a good idea to check with them and see if they still have bus service if that is where they want to go. The Sitka raptor center is within walking distance of the ship for most people. A lot of ships go to Juneau. There are booths on the pier in town where you can arrange private tours, but they aren’t that cheap. Those booths have busses out to the glacier visitor center which cost less than shore excursions that go there. More than the city bus, but the city bus stops a fair distance away. The tram up Mount Roberts is right in town, but last time I checked the price it cost exactly the same through the ship as buying tickets directly from the tram place and if you get them onboard you avoid the ticket line at the tram. There’s trails, shops, and a restaurant on top. If they don’t go to Sitka they may go to Skagway. The first time I went there I saw signs all over town for various tours, but last time there were none. We were the first ship of the season and the only one in that day. Not all the shops were open yet so by now there may be some options available. The train was the same price through our ship or not and if you go through the ship it picks you up right at the dock regardless of which dock your ship is on. If they like hikes they could walk out to the historic graveyard on the trail alongside the train tracks.

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