Very Easy Ice Cream Cake

easy ice cream cake

ice cream cake decorated for the 4th of July with m&m flag

Just how easy is this ice cream cake? So easy you can make it with one hand. I know because I did just that once – made one while I had a broken arm. This scrumptious dessert can be tailored to fit any diet. For a rich decadent dessert use premium ice cream. Adjust the recipe to special diets with sugar free or low fat products. Use dairy free ice cream or gluten free cookies if needed. There’s only 3 ingredients, so pick products that meet your needs. Two standard size ice cream containers fill a 10-inch diameter springform pan so if your pan is bigger or smaller you will need to adjust the amount of ice cream. The final product only tastes as good as the ingredients used, so pick ice cream and cookies that you like.

Ice Cream Cake


Two 1.5 – 2 quart size cartons of ice cream, each carton a different flavor. Use types that are consistent throughout the carton, not the sort with sauce running through it or more than one kind of ice cream in the same container.

Crushed Cookies – enough to make a thin layer covering ice cream

1 jar hot fudge sauce


Set one carton of ice cream on the counter to thaw.  Let it sit until soft enough to spread without letting it melt.  This`will take about 15 – 30 minutes depending on room temperature and hardness of ice cream.

While waiting for the ice cream to thaw you can do the next two steps.

Line bottom of 10-inch diameter springform pan with parchment paper.

Crush cookies into small crumbles bigger than crumbs. The easiest way is to spread out a piece of wax paper to pile the cookies on and then roll them into crumbles with a rolling pin.

When the ice cream softens around the edges of the carton stir it so the consistency stays even throughout.

When thawed ice cream reaches an easily spreadable consistency spread it evenly over the parchment paper lining the bottom of the springform pan.

Top with enough crushed cookies to cover ice cream surface. Gently press the cookie layer into the ice cream layer, just enough that they stick well in the ice cream, but not enough to distort the flatness of the top of the ice cream layer.

Freeze until solid – an hour or two.

Thaw second carton of ice cream just as with the first one and spread over cookie layer when ready.

Freeze several hours or overnight.

Heat hot fudge sauce just enough to make it spreadable. You don’t want it hot like it would be for eating a hot fudge sundae because you don’t want the ice cream to melt. Spread quickly and carefully over ice cream. Try not to let any ice cream melt into the sauce.

Freeze – a little or a lot depending on decoration choice. It at least needs to immediately get into the freezer long enough to chill the hot fudge so it doesn’t melt the ice cream underneath.

Decorate if desired. With the right decorations this makes a great holiday treat or birthday cake. Other decorating options include topping with finely chopped nuts or coconut.

If you want to decorate with candies, nuts, or anything that needs to stick in the hot fudge just let it freeze 10 or 15 minutes between putting the sauce on and adding the decorations. If you want to decorate with frosting let it freeze completely before decorating.

Freeze after decorating.

Remove springform sides from pan, cut cake and serve. Run a hot knife around the edge of the pan before taking the side off for easier removal.

easy ice cream cake

ice cream cake made with chocolate truffle ice cream, chocolate chip ice cream, oreo cookies, and hot fudge sauce. Topped with m&m’s.

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7 Responses to Very Easy Ice Cream Cake

  1. That cake sounds and looks great, Lois, especially modified with non-dairy ice cream for my fragile guts!

    • Since you’ve moved up in the world I’m guessing your new place has a freezer so you could actually make something like that now.

      • I do have a freezer in my half-size fridge that actually works, but it’s only big enough to hold a tray of ice cubes and two half pints of non-dairy ice cream. Guests, when visiting here for the first time, often mistake my half-size stainless steel fridge for a dishwasher. I ordered it with a horizontal handle. That really throws people off. But, it’s a practical tool to hang dish towels. My kitchen is small, but it’s designed up the wazoo and looks great.

        • Better than no freezer anyway. I guess you could always make a tiny ice cream cake in a mini springform pan if you really wanted one. Non dairy ice cream tends to come in small containers so it would all work out.

  2. Esther La ss3n says:

    Great idea! An easy way to make the crumbs is to put the cookies in a large zip lock bag, then crush with rolling pin.

  3. It’s even better when you put a bit of fudge over the cookie layer 🙂

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