Port Townsend Brewing Company

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Port Townsend Brewing Company

Our beer-themed cruise on the Wilderness Adventurer included a visit to the Port Townsend Brewing Company when the ship stopped for an afternoon in the quaint historical town of Port Townsend at the northeastern tip of the Olympic Peninsula.

big dock in Port Townsend

Wilderness Adventurer in Port Townsend

At the end of Taylor Street in the center of town sits a good sized dock. The Wilderness Adventurer pulled up alongside this dock. Unlike most saltwater docks that float up and down with the tides on metal bands around poles, this is a very tall fixed dock. The sundeck at the top of our three-stories-above-the-water-boat sat fairly even with the surface of the dock. From the lower decks we could see the underside of the dock and the many poles covered with mussels and barnacles clinging to the high tide line of each pole.

Port Townsend Marina

skiff ride through the marina

A short skiff ride brought us to a nearby marina where we disembarked the skiff at the dock and walked through a shipyard full of large boats in drydock. Some people pointed out the massive hoist just ahead. Everyone pulled out their cameras and started taking photos as we walked by. The tires alone towered over nearby parked cars.

boat lift on wheels

monstrous boat lift

Suddenly the monstrosity began to move. A previously unnoticed window partway up one metal blue leg revealed a driver, dwarfed by the machine in which he sat. As we scurried along like so many mice trying to keep out from under an approaching car, the hoist followed in our tracks. Alternating between taking photos and keeping far enough out of its path not to get squashed, we made our way toward our destination, the Port Townsend Brewery – where most guests would arrive by car uninhibited by giant boat hoists.

boat repair

boat in drydock

The original Port Townsend Brewing Company opened in 1905, but closed shortly after the start of prohibition as the non-alcoholic beverages they tried to sell were not nearly as popular as their beer.  The new Port Townsend Brewing Company opened in 1997 with just two beers.

inside the brewery

brewery tour

Kim, the owner, and brewmaster Carson led us on a tour starting at the end of the building where their shop began as a much smaller operation. Carson explained how they make beer as he showed the various components of their system. Over the years they have added equipment and their capacity has grown. They currently bottle 10 ales sold regionally and have a couple more on tap. They also have limited run seasonal and specialty beers.

different types of beer

beer ready for tasting

Following the tour we went back into the bar where Kim brought out trays filled with a sample size glasses with variety of shades of amber from the different beers.  People enjoyed tasting them.   I bought some for my son to try and write a review on since I don’t drink and he knows enough about beer to make his own.

Chris’s beer review:

northwest style IPA with dry hopping

Hop Diggity IPA

Although I have drank a lot of beer this will be the first time I write a review on one. My mom doesn’t drink beer but wanted a review of a beer from Port Townsend Brewing Company. I reviewed the Hop Diggidy I.P.A. I usually go to Beer Advocate when I want to read beer reviews so I will use the same format for a review commonly used there.

22oz bomber poured into a pint glass.

Appearance: Hazy golden with about a half inch of head.

Smell: Citrus dominates the aroma. Hops present but not strong.

Taste: Opposite of the aroma. Hops dominate the taste with citrus close behind it. Some malt in the finish.

Mouth feel: medium to light with a good amount of carbonation.

Overall: A good beer true to style.  It would make a good secession ale if I had more then one bottle.

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5 Responses to Port Townsend Brewing Company

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    Cheers to finding a local treasure. Gotta love what the craft brewers are doing these days.

    BTW … my holiday party starts Saturday (3 AM Eastern US) … runs from Sunday evening … hope you can stop by … and your readers are welcome.

  2. That beer looks delicious! I love brewery tours and craft beer. I’m glad you outsourced a review of their IPA to your son. Chris’s insights were great. I hope Port Townsend rewards him with a case, if not, at least another bomber.

  3. chris says:

    There is a lot of great craft beer in Washington. Texas has a long way to go to catch up but new breweries are opening all the time and producing great beer. It’s also getting easier to find craft beer on tap.

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