Lilla Rose – The Perfect Hair Clip for Cruises

flexi clips - the cruise ship hair saver

shore excursion – Palma de Mallorca, Spain

I first discovered the Lilla Rose flexi clips last summer when my daughter wrote a review about them on her blog, Mommy Adventures, which no longer exists.  While her story involved keeping her baby from pulling her hair, I thought what a perfect hair clip for cruises.  After adding a comment to that effect to her blog, her sponsor Linda Menke contacted me to see if I would like to review these wonderful clips on a cruise.

flexi clips on the job cruising

Lilla Rose keeps hair put on a windy cruise ship deck

At the time I had months to go until my next cruise.  She sent me a few clips and I tried them out at work, home, camping, horseback riding, Twilight tour, pretty much everywhere I went.  I loved the clips so I bought more.  I tried out several different sizes.   My first review involved wearing them just about everywhere, and I still do.

flexi clips go everywhere

Lilla Rose in the cruise ship hot tub

For the official styles I use a small or extra small, but I tend to prefer just winding my hair into a messy bun, and for that I use a medium.  Don’t blame the clips for my lack of talent in making hair styles in the photos, the clips hold things exactly as I put them and if there’s any ends sticking out, it started out that way.  My messy buns tend to be….well messy.  But they are very quick and easy to make.  Actually so are the official styles.

this hair clip really goes anywhere

Lilla Rose down the waterslide

By the time I set out for my cruise I had quite a collection of Lilla Rose flexi clips.  I also brought the headband Linda sent me for the original review.  I’ve found the flexi clips quite as useful on the cruise ship as they are in everyday life.  When I want to dress up, such as for formal nights, I wear the fancy beaded ones with dangles.  For more active adventures like the water slides on the Carnival Breeze I tend to pick the ones without the danglies.

Lilla Rose makes fancy beaded headbands

getting ready for dinner in Lilla Rose headband

I pretty much wore the flexi clips from morning to night every day of the cruise.  I even went on an all-day shore excursion that went from windy, rainy mountains to a camel farm, and all sorts of sights in between and wore the same clip to dinner back on the ship without having to readjust it or anything.

I wore the headband to dinner a couple nights too.  It is easy to use and keeps my ears from sticking out through my hair as well as adding a bit of bling to my outfit.

lilla rose, the hair clip for all occasions

formal night in the dining room

I will definitely consider my Lilla Rose flexi clips as essential items whenever I pack for future cruises, just as they have become essential in my day-to-day life.

wear whenever, wherever, Lilla Rose

Shore Excursion, Grand Canary Island

The Caribbean has a lot of sunshine, so often a hat is needed to shade the eyes.  Even so, the flexi clip is still useful.  On the Norwegian Pearl I sometimes used the flexi clip on a pony tail through the hat.

wearing flexi clips on pony tail through a hat

flexi clips even work with a hat

The flexi-clips are also great for the holiday season.  Whether as something for yourself to wear to holiday parties, or as a gift item, almost anyone could use one this time of year.  The flexi clips also work great as scarf clips.  A matching set of two of the same clip in different sizes for hair and scarf makes a wonderful Christmas present.

cruising with Lilla Rose

getting ready for formal night

For a chance to get your very own flexi clip for free enter the giveaway on this blog by leaving a comment about which flexi clip you would like to win.   That’s all you have to do to enter, just leave a comment.  The winner will be drawn randomly from all the comments.

Lilla Rose flexi clips

same style, 3 different sizes

You can see all the styles and and sizes available on Linda’s Lilla Rose website.  Just click the shop now link on the website and then click the product category you want to see.  For flexi clip sizing info or how to use them click this link.  Click this link for videos. Linda also has a Lilla Rose facebook page.

The giveaway winner will be announced on this blog on December 8th.  It is the winner’s responsibility to contact Linda Menke at to redeem their prize, so if you leave a comment be sure to return to this blog on the 8th or 9th to see if you won.  People from anywhere in the world are welcome to leave comments, however if the winner lives outside of the USA they may need to pay for the shipping.  People outside the US, Canada, or Mexico may also purchase the Lilla Rose merchandise by contacting Linda at the email address given above.

This giveaway is sponsored by independent Lilla Rose consultant Linda Menke.  The winner may pick any item worth $16 or less from the Lilla Rose website.  She will mail the winner’s prize directly to them.

multi use hair clips

exercising on the jogging track on top the ship in the sunrise

For bonus entries into the giveaway, like Linda’s facebook page, like My Cruise Stories facebook page, watch the styling videos, or share this review on your facebook page.  Write an additional comment on this blog for each thing that you do and each one will count as a bonus entry.  One entry per comment, so make sure to leave separate comments for each entry.

Lilla Rose flexi clips in different sizes

Lilla Rose flexi clip size comparison

The Winner Of the Lilla Rose Giveaway Is……..

As of the evening of December 8th, day of the giveaway drawing I have 24 comments.  Each comment is an entry in the drawing, so after writing the numbers 1-24 on a piece of paper, tearing them all into individual bits, folding them in half, and stirring them up in a pile I drew out #16.  Counting down to comment number 16 the lucky winner of a Free Lilla Rose hair clip is (drumroll please) Lacey Long!

Lacey, be sure to contact Linda Menke at to collect your prize.  In her comments, Lacey said she liked the purple stone cluster flexi clip.

If you left a comment and did not win, never fear, Linda has a special deal for you too.   For the next 3 days all NEW Lilla Rose customers who purchase three items from receive a FREE item up to $16 in value.  To redeem the free item, e-mail Independent Consultant, Linda Menke, at with your Customer Number and the item number and description of your FREE item ($16 and under).  Your FREE item will be mailed to you within 2-3 weeks.  If you live outside of the US, Canada, or Mexico then order from Linda directly through her email instead of on the website by following the directions in the paragraph below.

If you live outside the US, Canada, or Mexico, you can still order some great Lilla Rose Hair Jewelry.  Just e-mail your order using item numbers or descriptions to the sponsor of this Giveaway, Independent Consultant Linda Menke at    She will calculate shipping costs, use PayPal to send you an invoice and will ship your items directly to you!



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26 Responses to Lilla Rose – The Perfect Hair Clip for Cruises

  1. Our Adventure in Croatia says:

    what a great accessory.

  2. sharechair says:

    This is exciting! I’ve hear about blog giveaways, but never participated in one, before. 🙂 Lovely clips! I’m off to check on their website. Cruise coming up in early January … a clip would be great!

  3. Priscilla W. says:

    Enchanting Copper Rose, so, many lovely choices. I also like the Roman Style Cross or the Antique Brass Princess Tiara . I’d also like to try a head band. I have to find the video to decide for sure which size I need for my hair…and also for my daughter.

  4. Jeanette says:

    “Liked” your fb page. May I ask how they work… Is the pin a decoration or is it what holds the hair in place?

  5. Priscilla W. says:

    extra entry: I just posted your review on my FB 🙂

  6. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    Hello there. Thank you for sharing this lovely giveaway. I adore hair accessories and these clips are so pretty! I have checked the website and love the Silver princess tiara dangle only because I feel like a princess myself. Haha!

    Thank you!

  7. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    I liked Linda’s Facebook page.

    FB name: Monica Calangian

  8. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    I liked MyCruiseStories’ Facebook page.

    FB name: Monica Calangian

  9. Jeanette says:

    “Liked” your cruise stories page.

  10. Jeanette says:

    Watched the styling videos. The clips are so neat looking and look very easy to use!

  11. Jeanette says:

    I liked the medium 2-0165 Hawaiian Flower
    Flexi clip…very pretty!

  12. LLong says:

    I love the Flexi Clip, they are so pretty.

  13. LLong says:

    Like Linda’s FB Page LaceyLong

  14. LLong says:

    Like My Cruise Stories on FB LaceyLong

  15. LLong says:

    Watched Styling Videos, Favorite style is the Half Up.

  16. Jen McClory says:

    I have really thick hair and these are one of the few things that will hold my hair. And they look so nice too. I love the Lovely Circle Stone-set in green.

  17. valerie says:

    I liked your facebook page. 🙂 I saw your comment on Doorpost and started searching for you. I’ve seen your flexi-clips before but forgot where and what they were called. I am glad to have found your site again!

  18. valerie says:

    My daughter has extra long hair. I’d like to suprise her with the Silver princess tiara dangle if I win. 🙂

  19. Ashley says:

    I would love to get the extra small clip for mine and my daughters hair. I think they are beautiful and would love to be able to have one to wear on Christmas. I have liked both sites and watched the video. Hoping for the best. Thank you for the chance to be able to get one.

  20. jenna howell says:

    OMG. They look awesome! I wish I would have heard of these earlier. We are leaving tomorrow on the valor. I will definitely need these for our cruise next year! I love the one you are wearing down the water slide. Off to check out her website and Facebook page. Thanks for the info!

  21. LLong says:

    Thank You so much for contacting me about winning your giveaway. What a wonderful Christmas present.

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