Making Towel Stingrays

fancy stingray and easy stingray

two different styles of towel stingrays

This blog has two different types of stingrays.  The first shows how our cabin steward on the Carnival Liberty, Astika, made a super easy stingray.  The second is from the towel animal folding book available for passengers on Carnival ships to buy.

Astika’s Super Easy  Towel Stingray

Supplies Needed

1. Hand Towel

2. Bath Towel

3. Eyes (bits of cloth or paper or googly eyes)

How to Fold Astika’s Stingray

Folding the Stingray Tail

how to make an easy towel stingray

roll hand towel lengthwise into one roll

Roll the hand towel lengthwise.  The whole towel in one roll.  Yup, it’s that easy.

How to Fold an Easy Towel Stingray

rolled towel stingray tail

Making the Stingray Body

step by step instructions on how to fold a towel stingray

fold towel in half crosswise

Fold Towel in half crosswise.

folding an easy towel stingray

fold in half diagonally

Fold in half on the diagonal so it makes a triangle.

Assembling the Towel Stingray

making a stingray from towels

drape the triangular folded towel over the rolled tail and shape the towel to the edges of the roll

Place the body over the tail so the long side is centered over one end of the tail and the point sits on the tail roll.

Shape the towel body along the edges of the towel roll.

How to make towels into a stingray

Fold back the tip on each side of the triangle, add eyes and it’s done!

Fold over the tips on each side.

Add eyes.

This is a great one for beginning towel animal folders because it is so easy.

Carnival Towel Animal Book Stingray

Supplies Needed

1. Bath Towel

2. Hand Towel

3. Eyes

Folding the Stingray Body

making a towel stingray

roll both sides of bath towel to middle from the short ends

Lay the bath towel out flat and roll both ends to the middle.

step by step towel animal folding instructions with photos

put the rolled part on the bottom and fold one end back over the top

Flip it over so the rolls are on the bottom.  Fold one end up about a third of the way over the upside down rolls.

making a towel stingray

turn towel over so the folded bit is on the bottom

Turn it over so the folded side is on the bottom.

how to make a towel stingray

partially unroll the towel starting from the ends farthest from the fold

Unroll the ends farthest away from the folded part.

folding towels into a stingray

unroll enough to spread the towel out into a stingray body

Keep unrolling until it spreads the width you want your stingray to be.  The folded under part may unroll a bit while you do this until it is about a fourth of the way under the towel instead of a third as it started.  (Note: the book directions say only to fold it back a forth to start with, but their sketches show it from a third to nearly halfway.)

Making the Towel Stingray Tail

how to make a towel stingray's tail

hold one corner of the hand towel down with a finger while rolling towel from the short side

Lay the hand towel out flat.  Use a finger to hold down a corner, and roll the short side from that corner.

towel art

rolling the stingray tail

Continue rolling from that corner until the whole towel becomes one roll.

how to make a towel stingray tail

towel rolled into stingray tail

Assembling the Towel Stingray

assembling a towel stingray

put the rolled tail under the body so the wide end reaches the backs of the folded-under rolls

Put the rolled tail under the body so the corner where the roll started hangs out as the tip of its tail and the other end reaches the ends of the rolls folded underneath its body.

decorate the stingray with the eyes of your choice

finished stingray with googly eyes

Shape as desired and add eyes.

choose the eyes that look best on the towel animal

finished stingray with felt eyes – they stand out better against the striped towel

Next Animal in this Cruise Ship Towel Animal Folding Series:  Cat

towel cat on Carnival Liberty

Towel Cat on Atrium Stairs, Carnival Liberty

For instructions on how to fold other towel animals, click this link.

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8 Responses to Making Towel Stingrays

  1. sharechair says:

    This will be great fun the next time company comes! Thank you. 🙂

  2. Ahhhh! I love this post. I once went on a cruse and there was a monkey towel in my cabin and it scared me so bad because i thought it was a man! Ha, well thanks for making me remember that . . . I’m off to practice my sting ray now.

  3. Next time I visit, I totally expect a towel animal waiting on my bed. Don’t disappoint please. Also, that next one, the cat, looks like a sheep to me. A lamb actually. A cute little lamb.

    • Towel animals everywhere….oh wait they already are. Maybe you’ll like my kitty cat better. I didn’t think that cat was so baaaad, it looked like a cat to me. (Oh who can resist the sheep joke.)

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